Waterfalls for the whole family

The very dramatic - Lata Kinjang

The Brownish advertisement board advise motorist to turn into Tapah to see this waterfalls. It is easy to find but for those in a hurry, the waterfall is not so near to the turn off point. So go on a tight time budget if you decide to make a small detour.

Everyone admire this large waterfall, wondering how to access the spot and awe at its size. Yes- this is the prominent fall beside the North-South expressway between Ipoh and Tapah. What is visible in this picture is the center part of a 300 meters tall cascade.

The fall appears dramatic with widespread white steaks pouring down and the openness of the drop allows viewers to see entire drop. Hidden from sight are the small fall at the top and the cascades at the bottom.

There are camping grounds and a broad picnic areas. The first at ground level, a big pool preceded by a slide down the incline slope. An artificial slide is now available beside the edge of this last cascade
The waterfall can be divided into 3 portions,
[1] the cascade and the bottom pool
[2] the dramatic waterfall-Picture on the left
[3] the unseen top waterfalls

Diagrammatic interpretation of the top picture. More information's on the hidden top waterfalls are featured as Lata Kinjang 2

N.b. You too can also guess the height. Assuming that each tree is about 30 meters tall.

The 1st[top] and 3rd portion picnic] area are hidden from view at the Expressway but can be easily accessed

A proper ring walkway takes visitors to the highest possible landings at the foot of the cliff wall. A suspension bridge joins the opposite bank to complete the loop.
By the time you reach he ledge and bridge, the ascend could be close to 65 meters. Not an easy task for most city folks who do not adapt themselves to strenuous walking.

The elevated bridge over the ravine gives a full effects of this dramatic fall against the wall and a bird's eye view of the valley and picnic area all the way down. Makes this place a "Must visit"

It is not too dangerous but exercise maximum caution to get close to the falling water. Catch a glimpse of "water falling from the sky"

This picture is taken about 10 meters away from the wall, so as not to get my camera wet.

Pool here is a narrow canal of 2 meters wide "carved" by falling water. Daring ones will soak themselves in this pit and enjoy the massaging effects of water

To reach the fall, [1] take the turnpike on the North South Expressway at Tapah, then go north towards Tapah using Federal route 1. There is a right turn into Cenderiang. OR [2] from Kampar in the north turn left into Cenderiang .

This junction along Federal Route 1 showing the appropriate turn into the village is very marked. There might be some confusion though at the "cowboy" town where the much need direction sign are non-existence. Ask the town folks, as there is only one way to the fall, which is another 5 kilometer away. The sign board, not as big, are there, see carefully]

This waterfall is a series of tall cascades, many of them dropping vertically. The picture here shows the last cascade that was a long slide of 100 meters tall.

A classic picture before the place became popular and before the enhancement took place.

The Forestry Department administers the facilities around the fall. There are car parks, toilets and food stalls. While there is no picnic area provided, the poolside is dotted with enough boulders for groups to perch on. For the more daring, the almost flat rocky surface at the start of the cascade is a good place to have your picnic.