Waterfalls  for the  adventurous

Lata Kinjang 2

The picnic area at Lata Kinjang has been spruced up. There is adequate parking space, a managed change room and a host of food vendors. At the rate the crowd are increasing each weekend, the car park will soon be overtaxed.

The Lata Kinjang 2 is the impromptu name given by us for the waterfalls. They are fall located at the upper reaches of Lata Kinjang. To reach this is an outdoor excursion reserved only for those seeking adventure and familiar with outdoor life. For those arriving at Lata Kinjang on a family outing, it is not a good idea to embark on a causal climb or to take your merry making to a higher level.

To reach the fall, there are paths on both sides of the fall to take visitors up to the top. 

The more visible trail is the one behind this signboard.

This trail is away from all the facilities area. It is best to use that trail on the right of the waterfall, just behind the signboard, climb up.

From there the trail leads up hill. If you are unguided, there are many trails once you reach the abandoned rubber estate. To follow the broad path moving gradually up or pick up a faint trail among the under growth. These trails are squeezed in between 2 sets of waterfalls, Lata Kinjang left and Lata Yuk right.

The terrain around here is good with rubber trees and a clear sky. The next 200 meters is continous steep climb with no letting off in gradient.

From the clear surrounding, the trail then moves into dark forested area. The terrain gets trickier, canopy on top, moist slippery ground, steep climb but assisted by roots and small plants to improve the foothold. With the extra caution taken, this stretch of another 200 meters seems endless.

At some point of time the sound of falling water cheers you up that the journey is fast ending. 

Then the sound of the fall draws closer- you are at the top fall. There is a nice shaded area for camping and away from the flash flood.

The pool is large but best of all; it is very shallow with a sandy floor.The deep part is the place where the falling water hits base.

If you are game for a fantastic massage, then you can join Joyce and myself to savor this sensation.

When you look up to the Lata Kinjang waterfall, this fall is hidden from view. On certain stretches of the North South Highways observant motorist could still see part of the pump house that is located on top of the fall.

The end of the pool ends in sheer drop of 80 meters with the water collected and flows down one side. The slippery looking rocks, wet or dry combines with the vertical drop make the edge an eerie spot to be near. The land below can be seen stretching to the horizons, the Straits of Malacca.

Vincent with his walking stick made it to the top within half an hour. Now the group sitting precariously at the edge of the 2nd waterfall

If you are tempted to get a good view of the highway, make your way down besides the fall. There is no track, but the area is clear and soggy. Clinging on the roots and twines, it is not too dangerous to attempt a descend here. You will be some distance away from the rocky cliff.

This is the 2nd Waterfall.

Water is spread out to give the curtain effects.

 At the base there is a small pool at a narrow legde and then off it goes the next drop!

Once down to the next level, that day, I would not test my luck to crawl over the slippery rock edge to reach the lower fall. The braver Joyce and Beng Inn took their chances for the photographs. The second fall is equally beautiful, spread out and drops vertically.

The view out here is enchanting. It is a reward befitting those daring one who cares to be here.

From the top and second fall, the loop tracking circuit passes through. During wet seasons, it may not be practical to follow the loop but to backtrack. The pool where the crossing has to be made is deep and the current very swift. We would not agree to small group attempting that feat without proper rope to safeguard any crossing.