Khong's pictorial guide

 13 kilometers from Kampong Klau, Pahang State, Malaysia

Water Source   River
Waterfall profile   A 4 steps [Steep cascades]
Accessibility   Drive -in

#1 Main waterfall

#2 The 2nd Waterfall*

  The Berembun Waterfalls

This waterfall known as Berembun Waterfall [See pix 14] shown in the signboard. If you need to go to this place. Take the long route, go past Raub town. From there, proceed north to Kuala Lipis road. Some kilometers out of town, there will be the official signs to direct you to the correct vicinity. If you follow this route, from the turn off, the new road will pass through a fair size Chinese township Sungei Raun. Next, the other town is Kampong Sungei Klau. Notice the huge signboard? That is the one to promote this destination. Behind the board, the Hardware shop.

Then a proper set of signboards [Pix 9] are now planted. First one, next to this Seafood restaurant [away from sight] & then along the trail. To start the journey in, follow the road directly opposite the restaurant . The name of this road? Sungei Chalit. The track to Berembun is not well marked. This track starts with sharing the same route to Sungei Chalit which is another recreation area -clear stream and rapids. Do not get this destination mixed up with the Berembun Waterfalls.  So if you are going for picnic, watch out for this sign on the way.

After 3 kilometers of "free" ride through Cocoa Plantations, at the point where the next sign is, there will be junction . This is to tell you to go off road. Take the right fork. Head for Berembun on this track. But you need one more turning. How far must you go before you turn into the path leading to the waterfall? I know that there are a couple of them on the left. Choose one that looks well used or ask passer-bys. There is no sign on this critical turn.

If you have a GPS on hand, then follow this site

This signage on the board hinted that you need a off road vehicle to use the trail to the waterfall! See for yourself! [pix 13] This is the type, condition and hardened surface you will be traveling on for the next 10 kilometers. Use your own discretions. The road, steep at a couple of points hugged the side of a steep slope. Meaning on one side of the track,  the drop is quite dramatic. See the view of the valley when you are driving along this track. [pix 12] At the end of the trail is a lavish car park. [pix 8] Of course, most of the vehicles are 4X4s. This was their haven before the permanent track was established. Observe the consistencies in road surfaces.  From there, a bridge will help you to cross the river, to go the Waterfall way.

A word of caution though! On the last leg, at one point of the track, water had washed away some top soil, exposing the boulders underneath. Light sedan can make it through this one point. If you are uncomfortable. Not to damage the undercarriage of your car, watch for this first bridge. [pix 7] You could park your car here and walk the rest of the way. The walking time should be less than 60 minutes. At the parking area, there is this sign. A trail to the peak. Watch it, this is not a low mountain. 


 Pictures with their captions
#1, The Main Waterfall No.1
#2: Waterfall No 2

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#3: Waterfall No. 3. This one is hidden in the ravine.
The pool after waterfall No.2.
The river scene after the waterfalls
The 1st Bridge -replaced the old one of logs
The Car Park and the access road
Signboard that prompt travelers on this trail.
That "Hardware Shop" in town & Restaurant
#11: At the car park, is also the trail head to the summit..
Scene of the valley from the trail
A typical scene of the trail
Signboard made by the Hardware shop - Left-right White Leaf Mountain Waterfall, Sliding Pool & Fairy Pool.

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*Picture supplied by Jan Stuivenberg