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New Fall Added 07-05-2024
Johor have not seen new waterfalls for a long time. This month we will provide updates and add new waterfalls to the roster.
Johor : Panchor Falls & Jerai Fall
Selangor : Parit Kumbang Falls

UPDATES : Ayer Puteri Falls and Puteri Falls

New Fall Added and Updates 30-04-2024
Gabai Falls is still closed and left in an abandoned state without much done to restore it.
Selangor : Lubuk Tupai Fall
Perak : Kundor Falls and Teril Falls

UPDATES : Jeram Lon Falls

New Fall Added and Updates 19-03-2024
All Eco Forest Recreational Parks has reopened and forest reserve is now permitted to enter. Do note that many states has implemented the Mountain Guide system where visitors need to both have a forestry permit and pay for a guide to hike in forest reserve areas.

Selangor Permit Updates : Jeram Perlus, Ulu Tamu Falls and Lubuk Tupai officially listed as requiring permit for entry.
Source : Jab. Hutan Negeri Selangor Facebook Page

Selangor : Merabu Fall
Pahang : Berta Falls
Perak : Kopor Falls
Updated : Sendat Falls and Serpik Falls (Upper Levels)

New Fall Added 18-01-2024
Negeri Sembilan : Buaya Lepas Falls

New Falls Added 14-12-2023
Negeri Sembilan : Punsai Falls

Pahang : Satak Liang Falls

New Falls Added and Updates 21-11-2023
Pahang : Lata Hammer page has been updated along with new falls found along the hiking trail.

New Falls Added & Closure Notice 26-10-2023
Selangor : Jeram Tinggi Semungkis & Gajah Mati Fall
Pahang : Anak Chemperoh Falls
Negeri Sembilan : Gemenseh Fall

Notice of closure for Selangor forest reserve & recreational eco forest (From 15Nov2023 to 31Jan2024) and forest reserve closures in Perak (From 01Nov2023 to TBA) due to monsoon season.
For more info :
Selangor Forestry
Perak Forestry

Multiple Updates, NEW Falls & Archived WoM Book 19-09-2023
Recently we visited Janda Baik region and found that Chemperoh Fall was not correctly coined. Chemperoh is a separate stream entirely (with its own waterfall) and Luroh Fall is the actual name.
Updated Permit requirement for Pahang waterfalls.
Lentang Eco Forest Park has been marked as CLOSED since the end of last year.
Lata Berembun at Pantai, Negeri Sembilan has been restored and reopened to public.

Perak : Petai Falls and Serpik Falls

Waterfalls of Malaysia, a book published in 1989 that is probably the 1st to compile waterfalls in the country is now available in digital scanned format.
Lite Version : here
Full HQ Version : here

Updated Tibang, Commonwealth & Sg Tua + NEW Falls 18-08-2023
Access to Tibang Falls is no longer as tough as documented many years ago. In fact it is rather easy, if willing to travel deep into Ulu Slim region.
Updated current access & condition for Commonwealth Fall
Selangor : Jeram Kingfisher
Sungai Tua Falls has been closed for some time now. Page updated to reflect current status.
Perak : Tigor Falls and Seminai Falls

Filed 4 new falls & Updated Bt Berangkai Falls 12-07-2023
Selangor : Semenyih Dam Falls & Rephen Fall
Pahang : Rock Forest Chalet Cascade
Perak : Teho Falls & Batu Berangkai Falls(Updated)

5 new waterfalls 30-06-2023
Negeri Sembilan : Bukit Pioh Fall, Jeram Belau & Surut Falls

Pahang : Kelit Falls & Kemonchak Falls

2 new waterfalls in Pahang and some news 27-04-2023
Pahang : Bergut Fall & Gehol Fall

The junction access road to Jeram Toi has been repaired. There is no barrier blocking access to the waterfall but much of the landscape has changed and facilities have not been restored.

3 new waterfalls in Pahang & 1 in Selangor added 29-03-2023
Pahang : Pencait Fall, Gerjau Falls and Sagoh Fall
Selangor : Gumut+ Fall
Kedongdong Fall page updated

Forest reserve reopening & 2 new waterfalls added 21-02-2023
Selangor & Negeri Sembilan forest reserve & Eco Forest Parks have reopened to visitors.

Terengganu : Air Terjun Tasik Puteri
Negeri Sembilan : Dara Falls
Trong Falls page updated.

2 new waterfalls added to database 17-01-2023
Perak : Tenggelam Falls
Negeri Sembilan : Talan Falls

Year End Monsoon Closure + New Selangor fall 09-11-2022
Selangor has announced the closure of its state parks and forest reserve till 31st Jan 2023. This includes Sg Tua, Sg Tekala, Sg Sendat, Gng Nuang & Komanwel.
Reference :

Selangor : Teratak Kasih Cascades

Website Improvements and Fixes + New Fall 26-10-2022
Waterfall locations are now back in working order and displayed on Malaysia Map. Check it here : Waterfall Map
Waterfall Pages Comments is now back in working order. Comments are moderated before publishing.
Permit requirement info is added to Short Description (in list view) & bottom of the page of each waterfall.
Permit Page Updated : Click Here
Negeri Sembilan : Misai Falls

1 new waterfall added to database 23-09-2022
Negeri Sembilan : Jeram Lenggeng

3 new waterfalls added to database 11-08-2022
Selangor : Meranti Falls
Perak : Juang Falls & Salak Fall

Updated : Tekala Falls page added inner fall image & description.

3 waterfalls added 13-07-2022
Published more waterfalls in Negeri Sembilan: Jeram Dagang, Bukit Tampin Falls & Jeram Nerai Falls

6 waterfalls added 01-06-2022
Published 4 more waterfalls in Selangor: Jeram Anjang Fall, Batu Berayun Fall, Batu Kapal Falls & Cheh Cascade Fall
In Negeri Sembilan : Lata Berembun
In Perak : Bersih Falls

2 waterfall added, Batu Asah Falls updated 11-04-2022
Published Lata Beringin Falls & Batu Cherandong Falls in Selangor & updated Batu Asah Falls which has 9 falls on the same river. Lata Beringin Falls / Batu Cherandong Falls

9 waterfalls added 31-03-2022
Published more waterfalls with 2 in Selangor, 2 in Pahang & 5 more smaller falls in Negeri Sembilan. Tarun Falls / Masai Falls Series / Lata Woh Falls Series / Genuai Fall / Pasong Falls Series / Tambak Falls / Jeram Glami / Jeram Lambar / Jeram Belihoi

Added waterfall in Gombak 08-03-2022
A series of 6 small waterfalls near KL in the backyard of Zoo Negara. Beginner friendly trail. Batu Asah Falls

Flood damage and closure of waterfall parks 21-12-2021
Malaysia has experienced heavy rain fall on 18th Dec in various states causing flash floods and extensive damage to public eco forest parks. Jeram Toi & Lata Berembun in Negeri Sembilan is one such example that will be closed to public for a long while. All public eco forest parks in various states have also been temporary closed till further notice, to avoid risk of accidents.

Added a waterfall in Hulu Selangor 15-12-2021
A rare contrast of a tall & a wide fall within stone throw reach of each other. Features unique rock boulders. Batu Bertengkek Falls

Added a waterfall in Hulu Selangor 14-12-2021
Scenic and tall waterfall. Majestic during wet seasons. Water flow can be low and less impressive otherwise. Gapi Fall

New waterfalls series in Selangor added 22-11-2021
A waterfall spot that has been trending recently among hiking circles. A new fast trail now leads directly to the main fall. Gapok Fall

Added waterfall in Hulu Langat & Negeri Sembilan 18-02-2021
A small fall with an adapted water catchment situated upriver of a historical decommissioned hydro power plant. Pangsun Fall A small fall suitable for a family day private trip. Easy to reach and sandy riverbed for the kids. Jeram Rusa

New waterfall in Perak added 03-07-2020
It is a long 2-3 hour drive from Ipoh, but worth the effort. Since a couple of years the road to Kuala Mu has been tarred Lata Penyel

Update for Chiling waterfall 20-08-2015
Officially the upper Chiling falls have been declared out of bounds. Contact numbers of the rangers have been added to the Chiling webpage

Waterfalls of Malaysia coffee table book 19-05-2014
Twenty-five years ago, in 1989, the book "Waterfalls of Malaysia" was published. It contained descriptions of, and directions to 114 waterfalls in Peninsular and East Malaysia. A long time out of stock and never reprinted.

Now a new, glossy, coffee table book has been published "Paradise Malaysia Waterfalls". A different concept, no descriptions and directions, but a mixture of waterfall photographs and waterfall paintings. Official launch will take place soon. For more information, have a look at the Paradise Malaysia - Waterfalls Coffee Table Book forum post

Tragic accident in Terengganu 25-08-2012
Today we received the shocking news that one of our waterfall friends, Harry Nian, has died during a solo exploration of remote waterfalls in Terengganu. Probably he has been swept away by a flash flood. His many friends will keep his memory alive. Click here for a memorial page.

New waterfalls added 10-06-2012
Visits to Kenyir Lake and Temenggor Lake (Belum) have resulted in two new pages. Faye has written a page about the Belum falls and Jan has reported about the Kenyir Falls. In both pages many waterfalls are described. The same is the case for other national parks, for example Kinabalu. Until now each page counted as one waterfall. We have changed the database so that now the waterfalls in the parks are counted separately, but only if they belong to different rivers.

Kg Sadir falls 22-11-2011
We had two pages about the waterfalls near Kg Sadir in Sarawak. When our new team member Faye contributed another waterfall in that region, we decided to merge the pages into a new one, the Kg Sadir falls

New waterfall in Selangor 22-11-2011
Even in Selangor new waterfalls can still be discovered! Near Serendah, Waterfall Survivor Siang Hui has found a nice waterfall, which he has named Setinggi fall

Visitor statistics 18-11-2011
We have installed a nice gadget to keep track of the visitors of the website. It is the revolving globe on the home page. Click on it and you will get a page with information about our visitors. Red dots on the globe indicate their locations. Also a Visitor Statistics page has been added to Main Menu (General)

Waterfall accidents 22-01-2010
Recently two tragic waterfall accidents have happened. At the Perting waterfall a girl drowned after trying to rescue her friend who had got into trouble in the deep pool. And at the Seven Wells fall in Langkawi an Italian tourist fell down after loosing his balance on slippery rocks. Waterfalls can be dangerous also without flash-flooding!

Tragic accident at the Batu Berangkai falls 01-11-2009
In a tragic accident three young people drowned in a flash flood at the normally quiet waterfall of Batu Berangkai. The sudden water surge was caused by the breaking of a natural dam upstream. Click here for more info about the dangers of waterfalls.

New waterfall added in Johor 19-07-2009
Sometimes visitors of the website come with suggestions for new waterfall additions. In this case even with pictures and a description. Have a look at the Taka Melor fall

Save Our Waterfalls 29-06-2009
Our member Joe Yap has created an impressive video clip about the recent activities of the Waterfall Survivors. A MUST SEE CLIP

Two people drown at Lubuk Timah 10-05-2009
Waterfalls are beautiful, but can be dangerous. In a tragic accident two young people drowned at the Lubuk Timah falls.

Update Kinabalu Falls 06-12-2008
The Langanan Fall has been added to the Kinabalu page, with the help of a website visitor, Hamidi Mohd Noh.

Welcome to Joe Yap 06-12-2008
Welcome to Joe Yap, the newest member of our team. Energetic and dynamic, she is full of new ideas for the website.

Areal view of Buaya Sangkut 17-06-2008
We are still waiting for a chance to visit Buaya Sangkut, but a supporter of the website has taken areal pictures of this impressive fall from a helicopter. A good reason to update the Buaya Sangkut page.

The (in)famous) Sg Jagong Falls 27-07-2007
After having received several information requests about the Sg Jagong falls in Kedah, we have decided to add a page about this Urban Legend

Santubong Falls 29-12-2006
At last a waterfall in Sarawak has been added to the site. Have a look at the Santubong Falls. More will follow!

Mahua Fall 19-11-2006
Finally another waterfall from Sabah! Guest contributor Ang Yian Tze has visited the Mahua fall in Sabah and written a report about this beautiful, unspoilt fall.

Batangsi puzzle solved 21-07-2005
For a long time the exact location of the Batangsi Fall was unclear. The puzzle has been solved now and the Batangsi has been updated

Website Update 24-08-2004
A major update of this website has been published on the Web. Search possibilities have been added. Visitors can add comments to waterfall descriptions. And much more.