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Flood damage and closure of waterfall parks 21-12-2021
Malaysia has experienced heavy rain fall on 18th Dec in various states causing flash floods and extensive damage to public eco forest parks. Jeram Toi & Lata Berembun in Negeri Sembilan is one such example that will be closed to public for a long while. All public eco forest parks in various states have also been temporary closed till further notice, to avoid risk of accidents.

Added a waterfall in Hulu Selangor 15-12-2021
A rare contrast of a tall & a wide fall within stone throw reach of each other. Features unique rock boulders. Batu Bertengkek Falls

Added a waterfall in Hulu Selangor 14-12-2021
Scenic and tall waterfall. Majestic during wet seasons. Water flow can be low and less impressive otherwise. Gapi Fall

New waterfalls series in Selangor added 22-11-2021
A waterfall spot that has been trending recently among hiking circles. A new fast trail now leads directly to the main fall. Gapok Fall

New waterfall in Perak added 03-07-2020
It is a long 2-3 hour drive from Ipoh, but worth the effort. Since a couple of years the road to Kuala Mu has been tarred Lata Penyel

Two waterfalls in Kelantan added 15-11-2015
Lata Kertas and Lata Janggut

Update for Chiling waterfall 20-08-2015
Officially the upper Chiling falls have been declared out of bounds. Contact numbers of the rangers have been added to the Chiling webpage

New waterfall of Gunung Jerai added 24-07-2015
One more waterfall at Gunung Jerai! This one is located near the top of the mountain. The Alur Naga Fall is easily accessible

Description for Lawing fall updated 21-07-2015
Several hikers could not find the Lawing fall in Ulu Langat. We have updated the description, hopefully it is now more clar.

Waterfalls of Malaysia coffee table book 19-05-2014
Twenty-five years ago, in 1989, the book "Waterfalls of Malaysia" was published. It contained descriptions of, and directions to 114 waterfalls in Peninsular and East Malaysia. A long time out of stock and never reprinted.

Now a new, glossy, coffee table book has been published "Paradise Malaysia Waterfalls". A different concept, no descriptions and directions, but a mixture of waterfall photographs and waterfall paintings. Official launch will take place soon. For more information, have a look at the Paradise Malaysia - Waterfalls Coffee Table Book forum post

New waterfall of Gunung Jerai added 14-04-2014
Gunung Jerai is a prominent, isolated mountain, north of Penang. On its slopes quite a few waterfalls can be found. Many of them are more or less seasonal. The Badak fall is easily accessible from trunk road nr 1

Lata Payong added 07-07-2013
The Bintang range has quite a number of waterfalls, like the Kekabu falls and the Perahu fall. The Lata Payong is not well known. A guide may be advisable.

New waterfall in Perak added 22-05-2013
The Bubu range has several waterfalls, mostly relatively unknown. North of Beruas the Ulu Licin falls can be found, easy access

Lolo falls updated 21-05-2013
Recently a trail has been opened from the Pangsun (Nuang) ranger station to two waterfalls in the Lolo river, Bomoh Ali and Berembun.

Another Gunung Ledang Fall 06-04-2013
Our active team member Faye recently went back to Gunung Ledang and found another waterfall. Near to the new Gunung Ledang Operations Center: Ayer Puteh

The Kait waterfall in Perak 28-03-2013
Along the road from Simpang Pulai to the Cameron Highlands several interesting waterfalls can be found.We have added one more, the Kait waterfall

One more waterfall at Gunung Ledang 03-02-2013
There is a third waterfall on the northern slopes of Gunung Ledang. Faye visited this waterfall and created a page for Jeram Tinggi

Update of Johore falls 07-11-2012
Our team member Faye has updated the descriptions of two Johore waterfall pages. In Endau Rompin (Selai) she has added several falls, so we have renamed the Takah Tinggi page in Selai falls.
She has also added pictures of the upper tier to the Pulai falls

Tragic accident in Terengganu 25-08-2012
Today we received the shocking news that one of our waterfall friends, Harry Nian, has died during a solo exploration of remote waterfalls in Terengganu. Probably he has been swept away by a flash flood. His many friends will keep his memory alive. Click here for a memorial page.

New waterfall in Terengganu added. 20-08-2012
On the eastern slopes of Bukit Kundur a nice, vertical waterfall is located in the recreational forest of Air Menderu, the Lata Seru.

Asahan Fall added 14-07-2012
The Asahan fall can be found on the western slope of Gunung Ledang. Approach is from the state of Melaka but the fall itself is located in Johor. Our team member Faye recently visited this fall.

Ulu Tamu falls added 07-07-2012
The Ulu Tamu falls have been added

Lata Batu Pecha added 01-07-2012
West of Ipoh, across the mighty Perak river, the Bubu mountain range has several waterfalls. One of them is Lata Batu Pecah, near the smalll village of Manong

New waterfalls added 10-06-2012
Visits to Kenyir Lake and Temenggor Lake (Belum) have resulted in two new pages. Faye has written a page about the Belum falls and Jan has reported about the Kenyir Falls. In both pages many waterfalls are described. The same is the case for other national parks, for example Kinabalu. Until now each page counted as one waterfall. We have changed the database so that now the waterfalls in the parks are counted separately, but only if they belong to different rivers.

Sg Luit falls added 04-03-2012
Near Kuala Kubu Bharau several impressive waterfalls can be found. The most popular is the Chiling waterfall, but there are more. Recently Lata Medang has been added. In the same region Lata Makau can be found, one of the waterfalls of the Sg Luit river.

Remote Falll in Pahang 03-03-2012
Our team member Faye recently visited a remote fall in Pahang, accessible only with 4WD. Have a lok at Air Terjun Harimau Berjemur

Most northern fall on the mainland 22-02-2012
A new waterfall has been added in Kedah. At the moment it is the most northern fall on (mainland) Peninsular Malaysia: Lata Hujan Lebat

A new waterfall in Perak added 21-01-2012
Near to Ipoh there are quite a few nice waterfalls. Not spectacular, but worth a visit. We added Lata Ulu Chepor, many people visit the picnic site, but when you continue on the trails, you will find two nice waterfalls.

New waterfall in Sabah added 30-12-2011
Not far from Kota Kinabalu there is a popular waterfall. Our team member Faye has recently visited this Kionsom waterfall

Lata Medang added 17-12-2011
The well-known Chiling waterfall near KKB has a few siblings, which are lesser known and not so often visited. One of them is Lata Medang, a beautiful waterfall, that can be reached after a hik eof 2-2.5 hours, starting at Kg Pertak.

Kadamaian Fall 13-12-2011
Recently our team member Faye has visited Sabah and the Kinabalu park. She was impressed by a tall waterfall, visible from the road, the Kadamaian Fall. We have not visited this fall yet, but added a few pictures already to the Kinabalu Park Falls page.

Kg Sadir falls 22-11-2011
We had two pages about the waterfalls near Kg Sadir in Sarawak. When our new team member Faye contributed another waterfall in that region, we decided to merge the pages into a new one, the Kg Sadir falls

New waterfall in Selangor 22-11-2011
Even in Selangor new waterfalls can still be discovered! Near Serendah, Waterfall Survivor Siang Hui has found a nice waterfall, which he has named Setinggi fall

Visitor statistics 18-11-2011
We have installed a nice gadget to keep track of the visitors of the website. It is the revolving globe on the home page. Click on it and you will get a page with information about our visitors. Red dots on the globe indicate their locations. Also a Visitor Statistics page has been added to Main Menu (General)

Registration problem. 08-10-2011
During the last few months there has been a problem registering for the website. The problem has been solved now. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Stong page updated 26-07-2011
The Stong waterfall page has been updated.

New Sarawak fall added 11-07-2011
The Kubah Fall has been added

Sg. Salan Waterfall in Jerantut 07-07-2011
A big fall lies in the deep jungle. Not easily accessible unless you are an experienced camping trekker. A falls that is known by most locals. Sg. Salan Falls

A new fall in Kedah 25-12-2010
The hills south of Kedah are not very high, but high enough to support an attractive waterfall. Can be crowded during weekends. Access to these Junjong falls is easy.

New Sarawak fall added 20-12-2010
The Niah National Park is famous for its caves, but waterfalls can also be found in the palm oil plantations nearby. One of them is Giam Klimau. Text and pictures have been contributed by Faye

Lata Kijang temporarily closed to the public 16-11-2010
Recently flash-flooding has caused a lot of destruction of Lata Kijang. As there is a risk of more flooding, the fall has been declared out of bounds by the authorities

A new Sarawak waterfall added 01-05-2010
The Bako N.P is the oldest national park in Sarawak, not far from Kuching. This coastal park has a waterfall the Tajor waterfall. Text and pictures have been contributed by Faye

Usun Apau and its waterfalls 10-04-2010
The Usun Apau plateau is located about 170 km SSE of Miri in Sarawak. It is a remote region, not easily accessible, and it hosts a few of the most beautiful waterfalls of Malaysia. The new Usun Apau page gives lots of information about this interesting region.

New waterfall added in Sabah 18-03-2010
One of our team members recently visited a few waterfalls in Sabah. One of these falls is the Madai Fall

Two new falls in Perak 02-02-2010
Two new falls have been added, both in Perak. One of them is located in Taiping itself, the Tupai Fall. The other one can be found near Selama and is called Lata Tebing Tinggi, not to be confused with the other Tebing Tinggi !

New falls added 01-02-2010
Two new falls have been added, one in the state of Pahang and the other one in Terengganu. The Jeram Penitih are remote falls in Terengganu, while the Teladas Falls are located near Maran in Pahang

Waterfall accidents 22-01-2010
Recently two tragic waterfall accidents have happened. At the Perting waterfall a girl drowned after trying to rescue her friend who had got into trouble in the deep pool. And at the Seven Wells fall in Langkawi an Italian tourist fell down after loosing his balance on slippery rocks. Waterfalls can be dangerous also without flash-flooding!

New waterfall added in Selangor 21-01-2010
The unknown Lawing waterfall has been added to the site

Tragic accident at the Batu Berangkai falls 01-11-2009
In a tragic accident three young people drowned in a flash flood at the normally quiet waterfall of Batu Berangkai. The sudden water surge was caused by the breaking of a natural dam upstream. Click here for more info about the dangers of waterfalls.

New waterfall added in Perak 12-09-2009
North of Taiping, near Batu Kurau, we discovered a new waterfall, the Air Hitam falls. Pristine environment, many falls and cascades. Click here for more details.

New waterfall added 28-08-2009
The remote Sri Mahkota waterfall has been added to the site

Waterfall updates 25-08-2009
The Terapai waterfall and the Bertangga waterfall in the southern part of Pahang have been updated. The Terapai and Bertangga falls.

Three new waterfalls added. 19-08-2009
Three new waterfalls have been added to the website, two in Johore, one in Perak. In Johore the Tengkil and Pelepah falls, in Perak the remote and spectacular Tigok fall.

New waterfall added in Johor 19-07-2009
Sometimes visitors of the website come with suggestions for new waterfall additions. In this case even with pictures and a description. Have a look at the Taka Melor fall

Save Our Waterfalls 29-06-2009
Our member Joe Yap has created an impressive video clip about the recent activities of the Waterfall Survivors. A MUST SEE CLIP

New waterfalls added 08-06-2009
Several new waterfalls have been added recently, both in Peninsular Malaysia and in Sarawak. In Peninsular Malaysia the Salu Falls and the Lubuk Kawah waterfall. In Sarawak the spectacular Jangkar waterfall and the secluded Sebarau waterfall

New waterfall added 07-06-2009
A new waterfall has been added, the Lubuk Kawah fall in the remote ULu Bernam region of Selangor.

New waterfall added 05-06-2009
A remote, spectacular waterfall in Sarawak has been added to the database. Guide needed. The Jangkar waterfall.

New waterfall added 04-06-2009
A new waterfall in Perak has been added to the database: the Salu falls between Kampar and Gopeng. Click here for details.

Two people drown at Lubuk Timah 10-05-2009
Waterfalls are beautiful, but can be dangerous. In a tragic accident two young people drowned at the Lubuk Timah falls.

New waterfall added 28-03-2009
Our team member Joe Yap visited a charming 7-tier waterfall in the Janda Baik region: the Latto Caruk falls

New waterfalls added 28-01-2009
Three waterfalls have been added, the Buntong falls and the Kamunting Fall, both in Perak en the small Jeram Tebrau fall in Negeri Sembilan.

Major revamp of the website 25-01-2009
The Waterfalls of Malaysia website has been redesigned and new options have been added. You can now edit your comments and there is also a forum.
The new menu structure should make navigation a lot easier.
The visitors who have submitted comments, will get an email with their login information.

New Location Map 07-12-2008
The location map has been reorganised, using Google Maps. A big improvement, have a look!

Update Kinabalu Falls 06-12-2008
The Langanan Fall has been added to the Kinabalu page, with the help of a website visitor, Hamidi Mohd Noh.

Welcome to Joe Yap 06-12-2008
Welcome to Joe Yap, the newest member of our team. Energetic and dynamic, she is full of new ideas for the website.

Two new falls added. 12-09-2008
Two new waterfalls have been visited, and pages added to the site.
One is the Jeram Tengkek in Negeri Sembilan, locally well known. The other one is the Perdik Fall in Ulu Langat, virtually unknown.

Rainbow Fall updated 11-09-2008
The famous Rainbow Fall near Sg Lembing has been revisited recently and its description updated.

Endau Rompin Falls added 17-06-2008
Two pages have been added for waterfalls in Endau Rompin N.P. The Upeh Guling fall and the Lemako waterfalls

A waterfall in Ulu Slim 17-06-2008
Finally we had a chance to visit the Tibang waterfall in Ulu Slim.

Areal view of Buaya Sangkut 17-06-2008
We are still waiting for a chance to visit Buaya Sangkut, but a supporter of the website has taken areal pictures of this impressive fall from a helicopter. A good reason to update the Buaya Sangkut page.

New addition for Selangor 20-05-2008
A new waterfall has been added to the Selangor collection, the Perlus waterfall

Unknown waterfall in Kedah 27-01-2008
Only known to the locals: the Serdang Falls

More Sarawak waterfalls added 25-01-2008
During a recent visit of Sarawak, we had time to add two more falls.
The waterfalls of Gunung Gading and the Ranchan falls.

New waterfalls around Ipoh 08-12-2007
Three waterfalls near Ipoh have been added.
Papan Cascades
Lubuk Timah
Geruntum Fall

Langkawi Updated! 06-12-2007
We visited Langkawi in September,during the rainy season, and visited the three waterfalls of the island.
Telega Tujoh
Temurun Fall
Durian Perangin

Latak Falls added 02-12-2007
The trail to the Latak Falls in Lambir N.P. has been reopened.

Chiling Falls updated 09-09-2007
A suspension bridge and shelters have been built near the trail head. Time for an update of the Chiling Falls.

Sinju Fall updated 19-08-2007
It is still there, the Sinju fall, just beside the road!

A new discovery in Perak 19-08-2007
A nice surprise near Kuala Kangsar, easy access, the Lata Perahu

Lata Puteh updated 04-08-2007
Finally we have managed to reach the impressive Lata Puteh fall

A new addition to the Selangor falls! 04-08-2007
A small attractive fall can be reached from Cheras, the Bukit Apeh fall

Two Sarawak waterfalls added 30-07-2007
Two waterfalls, south of Kuching have been added, the Ban Buan Kukuot & Mabi Falls.

The (in)famous) Sg Jagong Falls 27-07-2007
After having received several information requests about the Sg Jagong falls in Kedah, we have decided to add a page about this Urban Legend

Kinabalu Park Falls added 21-06-2007
Two falls in the Kinabalu National park have been added

Lata Berangin added 14-03-2007
Finally we have found the Berangin waterfall, with the help of a friend in Kelantan. Beautiful fall, no signage at all.

Cemerong Fall revisited 14-03-2007
During our first visit we had no time to reach the main Cemerong fall. This time we did and we were duly impressed!

Lata Jarum updated 07-03-2007
The Lata Jarum is an attractive waterfall in Pahang, near Ulu Dong

Mawell Hill Fall updated 11-01-2007
With the help of a Taiping guy we finally found the access road to this waterfall. The description has been updated

Pantu Fall 01-01-2007
The Pantu Fall is one of the many waterfalls in the Lambir Hills NP near Miri. The third waterfall in Sarawak!

Skedu Fall 31-12-2006
The second Sarawak waterfall: The Skedu Fall south of Kuching.

Santubong Falls 29-12-2006
At last a waterfall in Sarawak has been added to the site. Have a look at the Santubong Falls. More will follow!

Mahua Fall 19-11-2006
Finally another waterfall from Sabah! Guest contributor Ang Yian Tze has visited the Mahua fall in Sabah and written a report about this beautiful, unspoilt fall.

Parit Fall 14-10-2006
A description of the second waterfall in the Cameron Highlands, the Parit Fall, has been added

Jeram Pasu 14-10-2006
Jeram Pasu is the first waterfall of Kelantan that has been "developed". A description of this fall has been added.

Robinson Falls 20-08-2006
The description of the Robinson Falls in the Cameron Highlands has been updated

Kenip Fall 20-08-2006
There must be many unexplored falls in Malaysia. The Sg Kenip Fall is one of them

Lata Hammers, a new discovery! 29-07-2006
Lata Hammers , a beautiful fall within easy reach of KL, has been added to the collection.

Ulu Serting 22-07-2006
The description of Serting Ulu has been updated

Upper Trong Fall 20-07-2006
For a long time on the to-do list already! Exploration of the trail at the end of the road to the (lower) Trong Fall leads in about one hour to the Upper Trong Fall. A tall beautiful and unspoilt fall.

Ulu Paip 20-07-2006
A description for the Ulu Paip cascades has been added.

Strata Falls added 18-03-2006
The Strata Falls have been added. A spectacular series of waterfalls in a pristine setting.

Batu Berangkai Fall updated 05-02-2006
The Batu Berangkai Fall has been updated

Lentang added 24-12-2005
The Lentang cascades have been added

Finally! More Johor waterfalls 23-12-2005
We have visited a few waterfalls in Johor! Three waterfalls have been added:
The Kota Tinggi falls
The Sg Pulai falls
The Sg Yong falls

Update Location Map 25-09-2005
The Location Map has been redesigned and updated.

Cleaning operation 15-09-2005
A number of small errors has been corrected and the color design has been modified

Update Jeram Toi 07-09-2005
The Jeram Toi in Negeri Sembilan has been updated.

Kinjang & Yuk updated 06-09-2005
New descriptions of Lata Kinjang and Lata Yuk have been added

New waterfall added 05-09-2005
We explored a new waterfall during a visit to Ulu Geroh, near Gopeng: the Damak Fall

Update Chelik Fall 05-09-2005
The Chelik Fall in Perak has been updated.

Gunung Jerai falls updated 21-08-2005
Waterfalls on the western slope of Gunung Jerai in Kedah have been updated: Perigi, Batu Hampar Yan and Puteri Mandi

New fall added 21-08-2005
A new fall has been added, the Cemperoh Fall in Janda Baik

Sungei Tua update 21-08-2005
The Sungei Tua Fall has been updated.

Waterfall Update + New Fall 20-08-2005
The Lata Mengkuang in Kedah has been updated and a new fall near Sik has been added: Perangin Sik

Lata Tanjung Kala updated 19-08-2005
The Lata Tanjung Kala near Grik has been updated

Bukit Hijau & Lata Bayu updated 18-08-2005
Two popular recreation parks in Kedah have been updated, Lata Bayu and Bukit Hijau

Batangsi puzzle solved 21-07-2005
For a long time the exact location of the Batangsi Fall was unclear. The puzzle has been solved now and the Batangsi has been updated

Waterfall Updates 12-04-2005
The description for the Gapoi Fall has been updated. And two new falls have been added, Lata Lembik and Lata Khong

Waterfall Updates 01-04-2005
As a result of a trip to Terengganu and Kelantan, a large number of waterfall pages has been updated.
Air Terjun Sekayu
Lata Tembakah
Lata Belatan
Lata Rek

New Waterfalls 01-04-2005
On the same trip two new sites have been visited. Not spectacular, but still interesting.
Belukar Bukit
Jeram Linang

Sg Ampang Falls 04-03-2005
Update and extension of the Sg Ampang falls. Three falls. The lower one also known as Kemansah Fall

Waterfalls can be dangerous 04-02-2005
A 21-year old student got into problems at the Pandan waterfall and drowned, despite efforts by his friends to save him.

Templar Park 18-01-2005
A separate page has been added for the Templar Park falls, near to Kanching

New Waterfalls 16-01-2005
The original page for the Ijok-1 cascades has been replaced by two new pages, the Lata Puteh and the Tebing Tinggi Fall

Waterfall Update 01-01-2005
An updated description for the Trong Fall and the Lata Kekabu in Perak have been uploaded.

Waterfall Updates 06-09-2004
Updated descriptions for the Siong Fall in Selangor and the Tanglir falls in Pahang have been uploaded.

New Waterfall Updates 01-09-2004
Updates for the Penang Waterfall and the Chamang waterfall in Pahang have been uploaded.

Updated Descriptions Added 31-08-2004
New descriptions for the Batu Ferringhi waterfall and the Titi Kerawang fall, both in Penang, have been added.

Waterfall Description Updated 25-08-2004
Updated descriptions for the Lata Chemerong in Terengganu and the Pandan Fall in Pahang have been uploaded

Website Update 24-08-2004
A major update of this website has been published on the Web. Search possibilities have been added. Visitors can add comments to waterfall descriptions. And much more.