Waterfall location: Negeri Sembilan
Lata Kijang 11 Feb 2018 Update

Drove my MT09 Tracer motorcycle to this waterfall recently. Car access from the Forestry Gate seems to be limited as the main gate bar is closed. It had not been raining for the past week and i had a slow pleasant drive up passing a few types of road terrains. (20% of tarred sections, 20% of cement/flat sand paths, 50% jungle dirt/pebbles trails & 10% potentially flooded soft dirt)
There was a particular stretch close to the end that is in the worst condition with loose gravel, dirt potholes & large pebbles with a healthy dose of 30 degree uphill incline. This proved too much for an offroad noob like me to tackle alone with road tyres. Hiked the rest of the 15mins journey (puff...puff...) to this well worth waterfall.

- one of the metal staircase steps is about to give way
- wet stones here are VERY slippery
- No leech spotted
- spotted large tadpoles clinging onto rocks (finger sized)
- spotted on rocks many creepy 5mm length caterpillars? worms? larvae? (go figure)

Contributed by Water Tracer on 2018-02-13


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Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety