Waterfall location: Selangor
Jeram Perlus, EPIC Waterfall of Malaysia #2

Located deep in tropical forest, Jeram Perlus is a magnificent waterfall that requires close to 8km trekking one way.
I used gpx file from an online website (see below) which was accurate and helped me throughout my journey. I would not discount tendency to get lost especially after halfway through the journey as the waterfall is not a usual visitor spot, hence some part of the route is not clear. The reward? You are most likely to have this waterfall to yourself!
While the trek is fairly flat, landslide has made some part of the journey challenging. One particular spot was difficult to cross over with trees blocking the way. I had to carefully get through tree trunks and bamboos which were lying over a slope. Frankly, a wrong step would have killed me.
I highly recommend doing this with a group of people for safety purpose.
Trailhead coordinate: 3.167461,101.8986063 (Perkampungan Orang Asli Gabai) GPX File: https://www.gaiagps.com/hike/319673/jeram-perlus/

Online articles suggest that locals would ask for parking fee. However, I did not encounter such scenario, perhaps due to me being the only visitor on the day I went. I did give out some biscuits and chocolate to the kids that I met in the village.

Contributed by Kamraj Shanmuganathan on 2022-04-02