Waterfalls for the whole family

The neglected and forgotten Lata Menkuang

I have difficulty in positioning this destination, one that is suitable for the family? or - for adventure?

This place was for a very long time a water catchments waterfall. However, with its remoteness and low traffic, most locals instead have opt for another spot, safer and the level ground beside the Main road as picnic spot! The latter, more accessible, meets the expectations and needs.

The place is about 12 kilometers from Sik, along a country road leading to a remote town of Kampong Weng near the Thai border!

This fair sized river, Sungei Chepir, has a source very close to the rapids shown in the photograph.

The picnic area within the newly rejuvenated Park area can be reached, guided by signboards from Sik.

Efforts are seen - several new sheds and well prepared camping areas.

The water among the rapid was very clear and clean. This place was well frequented on weekends.

There used to be a broad vehicular track to reach a waterfall about one kilometer into the hills.

In the last visit in November 1999, the track was still there. The beginning stretch then, was soggy and could not support regular vehicle. Then the other end nearing the waterfall, almost covered with undergrowths.

The waterfall shown beside, is another cascade that shares the same geology as Lata Bayu, except this scene here was much more dramatic and treacherous

The total height of these cascades is about 60 meters. A pipe delivering the water, was located on the right bank. On the left, there used to be a well constructed steel stairway, weaving through the bamboo thickets to the top of the waterfall. Then it crosses from left to right, then into a collection pond.

This was one place where the source of the river can be seen. Tiny springs oozing out water to filling up the pond.

But by the atmosphere of scene, it was near impossible to reach the source using this way! A new off-road track however, was seen opened at a junction of the track, before the fall. Have not explore this new stretch!

At the base of the waterfall, the old pump house still stands.


Watch that broken walkway crossing the river to the pump house!