Waterfalls for the whole family

The Very popular Lata Bayu

This is a very old recreation area and also a renowned spot in the northernmost part of the country. The famous Baling area, a town where meetings with the then Communist insurgents were held!

Some 3 kilometers out of town and a branch road to north Kedah, places like Sik, Weng etc. On the way [15 kilometers later] in the village of Assam Java, good and prominent signage directs you to 3 kilometers Park road!

The Waterfall is a finale to series of rapids ending up with a cascades. Total height of the continuous slide is about 30 meters high.

A beautiful pathway follows the left bank all the way until a level plain on top of the rapids.

There is only one small vertical fall of 2 meters at the end of this stretch.


A closer look at the place after transition from rapids to cascades. This is good 6 meters drop to start the waterfall


At the base of the waterfall, a fair size pool collects the water.

Children capitalizing on the smooth rock surfaces to enjoy the slide and dropping into a pool.

The local authority had landscape the park in a very impressive manner. This is one of the very well managed Park of Kedah.

Pool with fair depth and clear flowing water.

Having visited the Park, it is difficult to understand how the Park acquired its reputation as a fantastic weekend destination.