Waterfalls for the whole family

The Seasonal Perigi Falls

The main road , or rather the county road from Guar Chempedak to Yan passes through the "padi bowl" with rice field on both sides. Depending which direction you are driving, towards the coastal way, Gunong Jerai in on the left!

There is Yan Kechil on the half way mark.

From there on, the white marks showing the waterfalls against the lower hill slope is unmistakable.

This unfortunately happens only in the wet season. The solitary peak of 1,217 meters do not store much water to support this waterfall during the dryer months

Here is the lower fall. The road to reach this falls is at the junction in town. A 3 kilometer paved road leads to its base, guided visually all the time!

A drop of close to 70 meters tall over barren rocks surface. Without vegetation and the near vertical surface, the fall look impressive.

I had visited the Falls on a couple of other occasions, this time with the flood reports from Kedah, the real waterfall was finally witnessed.

So, if you intend to see the Waterfalls, plan your visit!

With the long wet season and constant rainfall, water at the waterfall remained crystal clear.

Another prove that if the environment is left undisturbed, there is no reason for muddy water during the rainy seasons.

At the base of the waterfalls, the flow is met with broken rocks. However a short distance downstream, a dam was constructed to create a shallow pool. The picture shows the upper edge of this pool.