Waterfalls for the whole family

The very Dramatic Lata Tembakah Waterfalls

For this very scenic and large Waterfall, there is only one signboard prompting travelers to its destination. It is located on the North bound direction from Setiu to Jertih along Highway 3. Just before kampong Jabi, keep a look out! If you miss it, not problem. A left turn road in the midst of Jertih will take you to Kampong Bukit Payong. From there, the kampong folks and nearer to Kampong Bekok, adequate signage's are installed. A good 25 kilometers though, on very good roads.

Towards the end of 1999 this waterfall forms the backdrop of the "Mild Seven" and a couple more advertisements with the cyclist!

This is the parking area after a 5 kilometers drive over a narrow, solitary paved road. from the row of hawker stall, you can be assured that patronage of the Park on weekends is overwhelming!
Behind the car park, comes the complexes of Park's headquarters, chalets and registration booth.
The broad pathways leads straight into primary forest and also the river bank. Here a suspension bridge takes visitors over to the "right" bank of the river, where the track to the waterfalls starts.
This board here detail the size of each of the 5 waterfalls. The trekking distance and approximate time required.

from here onwards proper walkways at some area paved and equipped with steps at the gradient.

1st waterfall 700meters/ 20 minutes
2nd waterfall 750 meters/30 minutes
3rd waterfall 850 meters/40 minutes
4th waterfall 900 meters/45 minutes
5th waterfall 1.5 kilometers/60 minutes

At a junction after the 1st waterfall, the trail breaks off towards the right and an up hill trail leads to the 5th waterfall beyond the lower series of 4 waterfalls.

The 1st waterfall is hardly a "fall" but a series of cascades into a very large pool of clear water. Substantial portion of this pool is shaded.
This is the 3rd waterfall emptying into another clear pool of water. many of the pools shown are unsuitable for swimming as they are deep and accompanied by strong turbulent.
This is the 4th waterfall and the show piece of the Park.

A tall near vertical fall of over 80 meters tall. It is divided into a 2 prongs down

At the base of this huge waterfall there is this fair size pool with a sandy bed

While fully developed and crowded on weekends, this Park is worth a visit.. Furthermore the trek to go up the last and uppermost waterfall makes the whole trip an interesting outing.