Waterfalls for the whole family

The Sendat Waterfalls

This is a much published but also well concealed waterfall. When the folks outside Ulu Yam talks about the Ulu Yam Waterfalls, they invariably ended up with the most exposed Sungei Tua Waterfalls. This is because this Sungei Tua waterfall is seen beside the inland country road on the way to Ulu Yam.

There a 2 Ulu Yams, one that is next to Federal Route 1 is Ulu Yam Lama. 

Continue on to go out of this village and travel along this winding farm road, 10 kilometers later is Ulu Yam Baharu. 

From here on the road will pass through this town, then the settlement and also pass the junction going back to Kuala Lumpur. 

Another 4 kilometers into a dirt road, this forest reserve starts. Of course you can also come from Selayang, pass Sungei Tua and to meet up at the junction and follow the signage.

These pictures will tell you that you have found the correct place.

At the point where the good broad dirt road ends at a bridge, it is also a confluence of 2 rivers flowing down from Gunong Bunga Buah. 

Most people leave their car before the wooden bridge and trek the next 200 meters along this old timber camp road.

The first and largest fall will greet you immediately. A 20 meters drop over a near vertical slope. 

Here are 2 views of the same Waterfall.

It is a very easy walk to the top of this first waterfall. 

The pool can be seen in full view, clean round pool reaching over 2 meters deep at a point near to the base where the water drop. 


From the shadow, you can see that the picnic area and pool is well  shaded, almost the whole day. This makes this destination ideal coupled with fresh and very cold water.

The second Waterfall is a replica of the first fall but much smaller, just over 3 meters tall. 

Few picnickers will hike up to this 2nd waterfall. The reason could be the flat surfaces for resting area are too small. 

Most crowd are interested in the facilities and ambience. The arrival area is good enough and the need to explore the alternative is not there. 

There are yet others fall, minor ones and river trekking is fun in the gentle terrain.


One negative point though, the town council has provided sheds for shelter and places for rubbish, most picnickers do not keep the place clean.