Waterfalls for the whole family

Maxwell Hills Waterfall

Taiping, a historical and sleepy town is reputed for having the heaviest rainfall in a year as compared to other districts of country. It practically rains here every afternoon. Such phenomenon had led a group of old timers who "park" themselves at the town's market each afternoon, betting on the time the first drop of water from that day's rain will pass out from the drainpipe.

Without doubt, people like us who are crazy about waterfalls expect this historical town blessed with its equally famed Bukit Larut {Maxwell Hills} should be home to a few waterfalls.

The scenic Lake Garden with Bukit Larut as backdrop. The clouds are there at the peak and ready to unload its daily quota of water!

When you are coming in to town from Simpang, look towards the hills. This waterfall is very conspicuous especially driving along Main Road.

For those who has been to Taiping and had yet to see this sight, keep a good look out on your next trip.

We are one of those passer-bys in a hurry and have not seen the waterfall before, not until this trip. We sure had our own quota of pictures from every distance -The fall appeared larger as we get closer to the Lake Garden area.
At last, we found the Waterfall. This is the left turning at a branch road of Bukit Larut, Cornaration Pool and the water catchments area.

Follow the road to the Water Treatment plant, the first gate is marked by an Indian temple. Previously, access to the fall from this point is prohibited. Now, you could park your car at this bend. Be careful, this is not a safe idea in view of the trucks taking the corner.

Around the area, there are remnants of old bridge, foundations of old building that make the place looking like an historical site. Now the open area before ascending the slope is an official camping site.

This fall right on the very top must be 30 meters wide and 50 meters tall with a single drop.

At its base, water from the falls are scattered with the left flank pouring out of a narrow crevice. There are 3 such "near vertical" cascades of 10 meters each. Our models Joyce and Khoo were a safe distance from this very intimidating gorge.

The railings and steps seen, are part of a swimming pools complex. Years ago, the New Club had constructed 2 medium size pools utilizing the natural mountain water. The complex was anchored on the ledge of this cliff wall. Walking path protected by guard rails led swimmers to the lower and the upper pools. This picture is on the edge of the upper pools. It appears that the pools are small, more of "wadding" size, as much as the tiny space permits.

One of the smaller flanks of the tall Fall comes in as a cascading stream

There are remnants of well constructed stairways to reach the pools and then the waterfalls. From this point downstream, the river continues with 2 more cascading falls.

We have been to many waterfalls but this whole area looks scary, perching on a ledge with water rushing pass, from above and falling off below us.