Waterfalls for the whole family

Jewel of East Coast-Sekayu Waterfall

From Kuala Terengganu, proceed inland to the town of Kuala Berang. Just before reaching the town center, watch out for a turning on the left! At this junction , there is a road that leads motorist to the Sekayu Waterfall. There are indicative signs before the junction. The distance along this country road is 14 kilometers long.

The road will continue to pass through small villages and countryside. Nearing the end of the road, signboard there will indicate that the park is situated after a right turn. The park is situated at the fringe of the mountain range.

Signboard of this design are placed in many locations to guide visitors to the Park. 

This is a mature park with chalets and campsites for overnight stay. It also practices a security system, which kept the main gate locked after dark. 

So check with the park authority if you intend to stay there and reporting after regular working hours, on the closing and opening time.

People looking after the park had tried hard to make the area interesting. Features like classify it a natural park - this is followed up with the identification of timber trees and other Malaysian flora. We were also surprised to find many species of mushroom along the track.

There are waterfalls and cascades along the 2 kilometers stretch of the river. A ad hoc trail follows the river bank. Finally, this trail ends at the main waterfall that this park is famous for.

The fair size Tersat River runs the entire length of the park. There are scenes of a river going through the rapids, interspersed with major drops. Such terrain makes the stretch unsuitable for white water activities.

There are also many attractive aspects. Examples are scenes of water tripping over the rocks and boulders.

The more distinctive waterfall is this last drop before the hill slope get rather steep empty into a flat bedded wide gorge.

The single drop is approximately 25 meters high with no pool at the base. The whole area is littered with boulders.

This is a wonderful place for rest, river trekking and admiring Malaysian Flora!