Waterfalls for the whole family

The Disappointing Lata Rek

The signboard signaling the access to the fall is quiet well positioned and this destination? It is a popular spot for the locals. On the way to Gua Musang from Kuala Krai near the 37-kilometer marker, you will not miss the sign for the fall. Take a left turn to drive into a broad laterite road. This is the way to the Mini-Hydro electric power station and the fall is an integral portion of the power station.

The word "cataract" will conjure up a good image of this waterfalls. A river tripping down many tiny steps. The overall height of this waterfall is no more 20 meters but it is over 100 meters wide

Contrary to the usual damp and humid environment that envelop most waterfalls, this place appears arid. This is typical of the terrain on the eastern coastline, the influence of the strong wind and heavy rain from the South China Sea bring very heavy downpours and extended period of drought, broad and sandy basins are testimonies to this effects.

Our group seeks the shelter from the parched landscapes in the comfort of the solitary tree to have our lunch. In this picture, Lee Ping is with us this trip; she has been traveling with us a fair bit.

A broad sandy basin, an indication that at times, the whole basin could be underwater, follows this broken up waterfall