Waterfalls for the whole family

The Chenderoh Lake - Lata Kekaku  {Sungei Tampan}

In the Waterfalls Of Malaysia book, this fall is listed as Sungei Tampan Falls. Since then the local authority has up graded the area as a Recreational Park, the name of the waterfall is now referred as Lata Kekabu.

The Park is in the vicinity and 3 kilometers from the banks of the Chenderoh Lake, that by itself is another scenic area also with recreational facilities.

The road to the Park or waterfall is less than a kilometer off the trunk road from Kuala Kangsar to Lenggong, Perak. Following a paved road, you will reach a large car park. From there, a short trail will lead you to this entrance.

The river can be seen now, there are picnic areas, sheds for resting and wooden chalets. Concrete walking paths are constructed for easy walking between the tall trees found in this area.

The Park-The car park is well placed outside the park. On entering the park, it is flat compound with landscaping and a river that divides this picnic area into 2 parts.

At the inner edge of this picnic area a 4 meters tall waterfall discharges water into a pool, that is where the river is seen to start.

Follow a walking trail on the left leads visitors upstream. You will cross over the river with this steel suspension bridge.

The area after the bridge is unchanged or not enhanced, the going gets more adventurous with small but well trodden paths to continue your trek! Quite a change from the paved walkways and manicured lawns.

After going round a small hill, roughly a 300 meters walk, this waterfall comes into view. Fairly dramatic though only 18 meters in height but about 40 meters wide. Plenty of cool, crystal clear water to fill a large pool of water. This is the focal point of the more adventurous picnickers. The 2nd vertical waterfall is seen as the background.
Immediately hardly 50 meters away, there is the taller, about 25 meters, and more dramatic waterfall No. 2.

It is out-of-bound to picnickers or visitors. The area was earlier reserved as a catchments area. This waterfall empties into an enclosed valley.

The terrain of steep slope leading down to the pool at the base of this waterfall is treacherous.

The picture here shows you that we had entered the area. We can relate to you that our experiences tell us to remind you "Don't be curious". It is dangerous up there. The whole area is surrounded by very thick jungle and with the very moist atmosphere, favoring the sprouting of the various types of mushrooms and fungi.

For those who loves waterfall and do not like to feel intimidated, enjoy the family fall at the entrance of the park!