Waterfalls for the whole family

There is a Waterfall in Bidor - Lubuk Dugang aka Gepai

After leaving the toll gate on the EXPRESS way, follow the way into town.

Just before reaching the Bidor town's traffic lights, take the turnoff on your right. There is a waterfall about 3 km from this side road of Bidor. The narrow paved country road will take you through farms, estates, and even a cemetery before moving into the wilderness. On arrival at the car park, we followed a path for a short walk beside the river.

Then we crossed the river by using a short bridge, that was a "once upon a time" well constructed. The river now passes below this bridge, squeezing through a gorge and opens up immediately into another larger pool of water which is quite deep. You can see local boys jumping off from the bridge into the river which is about 10 ft drop.

The end of the bridge is also the end of the trail! Descend from the bridge into the river bank. Gently navigating ourselves upstream among the loose river rocks, we reached another fair size pool of water.

The pool starts with a shallow end assisted by a low dam of barricaded circular river rocks. 

The deep end is next to the waterfall. It is really deep, dark blue water. The water current at the waterfall is very strong. 

This is a vertical fall about 25 ft tall and only 8 ft wide, imagine the scene of water pouring out of a spout!

Just beside the right bank of the fall, there is short, steep and precarious path that we followed to move over the fall.

In the area above the waterfall, the river is seen flowing through the deep passages in boulders. 

The river bed are surfaces of rocky hills. The river becomes constricted at a few points and they sure look deep. 

At others, the river has steep wall of rocks and boulders which gives the banks a gorge-like formation with the water gushing pass in a frightening manner.

We moved on, passing the area of unique rock carvings and scenic gorge until the river levels off. This is the water collection basin. On this forested and upstream portion, the river is flowing at a normal pace.

What struck us then was that the water is crystal clear and the first environment very cool. It was so tempting that I ignored the chilling water and waded in to cool my body.

Beyond both banks of the river is primitive jungle, with varieties of vegetation. The area we were in is fairly dominated by bamboo clumps. Together with the larger trees behind the bamboo, the canopy shields the entire river from the sun. That makes this stretch a nice place for dipping and picnicking. This place is not well visited. Regulars prefer the deep pools that we passed earlier and perhaps it is a blessing that there are no campsites established here..