Waterfalls for the whole family

The attractive Iskandar Waterfalls

The road trip from Tapah to Ringlet could be a slow torturous 2.5 hours drive on twisting and turning road. And - how civil the driver is! The Main Road follows the contour, has hugged the hill slopes on its entire journey.

Almost, at mid point of the journey,  every passenger is yearning for a break from this marathon trek. Behold - there appears before you, one of the most spectacular Waterfalls. 

This huge signboard of the left will confirm that this is the Iskandar Falls

Here, this road has to make a very sharp "U" shaped turn to "jump" across the river.

Passengers looking forward to this break, form large crowd. It is only aggravated and adding to the scene of many petty traders who have chose to set up their stalls hugging the bend. Everything - events and crowd  blocked the already poor view of on-coming traffic. 

Many petty traders who have chose to set up their stalls - vantage point? Closest to the bend.

Selling potteries and items not related to Cameron Highlands!

 The situation has gone worse, many visitors disillusioned with the unavailability or unclear about the selection of interesting places has found the waterfall area most tangible. Tour operators hence have chosen this place as a "must stop". This practice only added to burgeon the crowd.

This is the original Souvenirs' shop, strategically located away from the main road.

 Visitors can walk around the vicinity at the base of the waterfall. Paths on both banks of the waterfall are linked by a bridge.

This off course is the waterfall

It is over 30 meters tall, a near vertical cascade, preceded by another 2 more cascades on top. 

On top of the large cascade, the waterfall starts as a spillover from a man made barricade. 

This place was originally made for the collection of drinking water!

There steps only on the right side to reach the top of the first cascade. 


A small level space gives a hikers a good bird's eye view of the activities below, but watch your step!

Here is a bird's eyes view of the play pool at the base of the waterfalls.

Notice those light colored litters? it clearly demonstrate the level of contamination. The attitude of authority in keeping this No 1 tourist spot in such dire straits.

Finally, a view of the waterfall from the side.

An idea of its gradient

For those of you who did not made it to the top!

The 2nd cascade - just on top of the main waterfall.

You could almost catch a glimpse of the highest cascade in the picture.

Apart from the crowded scene and those monstrous trucks showing their displeasure at the bend, this certainly is a welcome stop for many travelers!