Waterfalls for the whole family

Viva ! templer park

The so-called 'Templer Park' is located in a small valley, 2 kilometer long and just north of the Kuala Lumpur’s city boundaries. Coming into the valley, visitors reach Templers park. this place is now marked by 2 popular fishing park. they are operated on a 24 hours basis, hence large number of cars at most time.

This is the start of a stretch of playground for the KLnites over the weekends

Part 1 - Park

Today, besides having the numerous picnic areas along the 2 streams, the vicinity boast of having:

Commonwealth Park for the campers,

2 golf courses of 18 holes and with night playing facilities.
A collection of fishing ponds,
Kanching Forest Reserve for trekking,
Takun for the cavers & climbers
This is Anak Takun, a tiny outcrop that provided the Templers Park Golf Course with the special ambience

Takun for rock climbers, the landmark for Templers Park

There are much more activities than abseiling and rock climbing. 

This monumental piece of limestone holds many secrets, especially plant life.

Then there is the equestrian Club and the waterfalls region of the Kanching Recreation Park. Here is a glimpse of the park area and a slow moving stream for the children.

This Kanching Recreation Park sees the confluence of 2 rivers. 

There is a choice of depth and water flow to suit the family needs. Activities like wadding in the shallow stream or playing with a dingy is allowed.

Surprise! The area prior to the long drop with 7 waterfalls, is a plateau where the river begins! The source of the river. Explore this forested area if you must but don’t get lost. Overall, this is a fantastic destination to spend your Sunday morning, a short but strenuous hike just 30 minutes drive from town.

For part 2, the Kanching waterfalls