Waterfalls for the whole family

Popular Jeram Toi Waterfalls

The Main Range that forms the backbone of Peninsula that almost divides the state of Negri Sembilan into 2 halves. It is also at its southern border that the Main Range ends. Just before that, inside Negri Sembilan State, there are 2 mountain passes that motorist can travel across the mountain.

One of them is through Jeram Toi, Kuala Kelawang to end at Simpang Pertang. At this town the eastern slopes of the Main Range ends.

About 15 kilometers east of the Seremban town, the intercity road will go into a big curve upon descend from the mountain pass..

This is the picnic area for Jeram Toi. It cannot be missed as there are huge crowd there on every weekends.. Unfortunately, right at the bend, there is a constraint in parking places.

The river after the waterfall drains into a sharp gorge that flows out to the Main Road and pours away on the opposite side.

The area is well landscaped, from the Main Road in, a broad paved walkway of some 500 meters.

There is the pavilion style rest place with a pool in front of this waterfall.

The series of waterfalls can be seen in 4 different stages of cascades. 

From this picture, 3 of them are in view. The last, uppermost is a short vertical drop.

The thick canopy above gave the part of the picnic area  a very shaded environment. In fact, the shed here is very dark, cold and gloomy.

The geology allows the water to cut deep into the rock face, leaving loose boulders and sharp edged banks. 

Now this the 3rd and the top waterfall as seen from the picture above.

There is tiny place about 5 meters square with a shed. Bathers can make their way down to the bottom of the waterfall some 8 meters down, along a steep slope.

That last patch of waterfall from the picture above is translated into this waterfall number 4. 

Again, your attention is drawn to the profile of the jutted surfaces where the waterfall is.

To get to the base of this waterfalls involve much less risk.

Here is a good view of the shape and size of pool at the base.

Back trekking down wards, this would the view of the pool or the base of waterfall number 2. Counting from bottom up, the pool before the drop into the public area.

It is quite  a distance to climb down to that pool or equally difficult to ascend from the main pool area.

It is a nice shallow pool with a sandy floor as the picture shows.

Due to its poor accessibility, most picnickers have stayed at the main pool. 

The crowd to this place is unbelievable. Those with family seldom stray from the area of the main pool. Groups of youngsters would hike all the way past the waterfall area. Up there the river meanders slowly, with lots picnic spots. There are also a few trails for the more adventurous to go jungle trekking.