Waterfalls for the whole family

Bukit Hijau Recreation Park

The existence of waterfalls in Bukit Hijau have long being the well kept secret to the locals. This area is situated in the hinterland of Kulim but far and deep into the Gunong Bintang mountains. This part of the country is rural and the plains are filled with hectares after hectares of rubber estates. Access to this area is on a need to basis, up till the time the East-West Highway made the main road its the essential link, outsider are still avoiding travel to this locality. All these have changed! Today, the rubber estates are giving ways to new factories; all of a sudden the whole neighborhood does appear that remote.

Gone are the days that "there are waterfalls near Malau!" Just proceed on the Expressway to Kulim, then head for Baling using the link road [Yes, that notorious town] and along the way , watch for the sign on your right.

You cannot miss the huge signboard that read "Taman Rekreasi Bukit Hijau"

From the turn off, a regular country road leads you 5 kilometers before you join a well paved 3 kilometers road that welcome you to the park’s entrance.

It is a large clearing with parking lots for 100 cars/ buses. See the standard of this signage! The quality speaks about the effort put in by the authority.

The beginning of a beautiful and fruitful 4 years of traveling.

Li Peng in red was the first scape goat to be rejected.

The first fall is a long slide ending in a good size pool. A connecting bridge connects both banks of the gorge that traps this pool. The locals make their jump from 2 meters above the water level. There is adequate open area, shed benches around this fall.

This is the view of that 1st fall or the main cascade that welcome visitors to the park. 

A gentle and long cascade that drops approximately 12 meters

If you favor a more natural surrounding, and would not like to fight for space with the crowd, then avoid weekends.

The geology of this place though not extraordinary is made up of black slates in wafers. The forces of the water eroded the cliff wall rather evenly but not smoothly. Minor protrusions in layers interrupted the smooth descend of the water. As a result, the falling water hit on their tiny breakers creating splashes that gave the entire height of the falls a whitish look.

This is the 3rd waterfall of the area, a near vertical drop of about 33 meters high. 

All together, there are 3 vertical waterfalls and 3 cascades.

This waterfall is identical in appearance to the 2 other waterfalls, i.e. they all drop drops vertically, to be interfered by minor steps.

These 3 beautiful vertical waterfalls all within a distance of half kilometer; coupled with the unique sight of the falls, makes the park a "must see" destination.

In fact there is a twin to this park, and that is Rengtis. 

The falls here averages 4 meters high surpassing the 2 meters of its look alike.

Bukit Hijau is a developed park, planned for holiday’s makers and family outings.

If you prefer a more adventurous environment, the jungle trail on the left shoulder of the ravine takes you through the waterfall area and beyond.

There is a perimeter fencing and a water catchments area, once outside the park, it is back to nature but beware, there are also many trails in this area. The mountain is big while the ridge is very close by. Once over the summit it is the other side of the ridge some 40 kilometers away is Grik. So, don’t stray.