Waterfalls for the whole family

Fraser’s Hill

Some facts about Fraser’s Hill, past and present;

Fraser’s Hill resort is situated on seven hills. The natural terrain together with the subsequent enhancement have earned the area a reputation as being the best destination for jungle trekking, bird watching, and have also proven that there are many potential sites to view the Malaysian fauna and floras.

It peaks at 1,524 meters and is named after British adventurer Louis James Fraser who operated a mule station to service the mining trade.

The resort was actually founded by Bishop Ferguson-Davie who in the midst of locating the missing Fraser saw the potential of the place as a retreat in1910. Development work commenced in 1919 and until today has converted the place into an environment reminiscence of the rustic solitude of English countryside.

Visitor using the beautiful but winding stretch of mountain road would not overlook this signboard.

Memories of the recent history will come back, the communist insurgent and the ambush of Sir Henry Gurney, all this are tales we read in the history books. Now you see the original site.

The "MG" road transverses the central spine of the Malaysian Main Range and at this highest point, which is the saddle, this resting-place is aptly called The Gap.

The hill resort is not at this point although the surroundings promote that kind of feeling; another ascending single lane road leads motorist up to the summit some 5 kilometers away.

Maintaining the geology and tradition, this road remains passable for one vehicle. To supervise the traffic, the road usage time is scheduled –

Odd hours ascending --------e.g. 11.00-11.40 am

Even hours descending -----e.g. 12 noon-12.40 pm

Authority here has projected a traveling time of 20 minutes along this stretch.

Don’t rush to meet the set time or feel despair if you miss it by a few minutes!

For here, you will find one of the best stopping points in the whole country, The Gap’s Resthouse. Take a break, have a drink and enjoy the cool fresh mountain atmosphere.

Up in the resort, do not expect a township although there is a meeting area with the basic establishments. It is deliberate that the town retains its rustic mood. Also view our other site on Frasers Hills

From the clock tower, take the 9.00 o’clock turn to your left and follow the road down hill for 5 kilometers. Just before the turning into the golf course, there is a small parking area. The sign beside the cemented walkway will direct you to the waterfall.

The waterfall area is now useable, clear water and maintained as a consistently clean park, but the developer of the golf course has not done their chores of cleaning up the silt that fills the pool beneath the falls.

You can measure the depth of the water by Khoo's legs.