Waterfalls for the whole family

Backyard of Kuala Lumpur

This site is grouped under the " new Waterfall Discovered" category as the picnic area by this fall was made accessible to the public recently. This coincided with the availability of a link road that passes the site.

In our effort to search for falls, this particular fall fulfills our objectives;

  • Purpose of outing

  • Reference to the day’s outing

  • Satisfaction of having visited and photographing it

Sungei Tua is a recreation area, situated on the fringe of urban Selayang. To get there, take the road from Batu Caves that leads to Ulu Yam Baharu. The waterfall is just besides the road before the "Car Park 3". There are a couple of new car parks which are unmarked, for reference here, we mean the one marked "3".

You just can’t miss it. 

It is right in front of you.

Sungei Tua is located in a forested area. The journey there is pleasant and the scenery, good. The sites by the fall and along the river generate a restful ambience.

Searching for waterfall does bring in unexpected and pleasant surprises. On our visit to this fall, we discovered a rare lilac colored mushroom and while waiting for the sun to be at the right position, we could capture lovely pictures of the fall.

Nearby is a mineral water spring.

We met a chemist who had the water analyzed. 

She confirmed that the minerals content in the water are within the parameters set,

A Superbike lover will enjoy this road on his way to Awana at Genting, followed by a good breakfast.

On the approach road to the picnic site, you can see the Batu Water catchment area that is a fairly large size lake.

Though fishing is not encouraged, you can have your picnic here and watch the water sports activities.

The popularity of this place is reflected by the packed car parks each weekend.