Waterfalls   for the adventurous

The Kemensah Waterfall

There is such a nice looking waterfall almost a stone throw from KLCC. At the perimeter boundary of the federal capital Kuala Lumpur. The Quartz Ridge is a protrusions supported by low hills the encompasses Kuala Lumpur. This unique terrain of almost 17 kilometers long with near vertical walls on both side is home to quite a number of waterfalls.

Approaching the Quartz Ridge from Ampang, 2 distinct sections can be identified. This first waterfall lay at the eastern end of the right visible sections. As we move towards the track to the waterfall, the last view before we disappear into the canopy of trees.

The first path of the journey was 1.5 kilometers of walking with a gradual slope followed by one that was more in gradient. Still easy walking, starting with bamboo clumps and later into tropical forest. The track broad enough for a motorized vehicle at one time is now badly eroded with deep gorges at the center. Many stages [at least 7 times] the track was disrupted by fallen trees.

Then up a steep slope and into flat land! No, we were not in some plain but rather a narrow strip of land about 7/8 meters wide with valleys on both side. That was another stretch of the Quartz Ridge. Low trees and bamboo were the main vegetation and companion for the next 1.5 kilometers.

At a clearing, the track started to descend . Here Joyce was modeling for the size of the deep trenches that had overtaken the once beautiful track. The surface of this downhill stretch of 0.5 kilometer was of fine silt clay. Not much of grip even with good tracking shoes.
Across a small stream and we were at the lower camp site. Away down a corner there was this waterfall all 38 meters tall and 20 meters broad. It was not a dramatic waterfall but beautiful among heavily forested surroundings.
At the base of the waterfall, huge boulders broke the force of the downpour and there was no pool or landing suitable for bathing or swimming.

Out of the "woods" the waterfall was then in a uninterrupted view.

See that tree in the left foreground, cluster of tempting apple size fruits lined most part of the trunk. here a close up view

Another trail on one side of the camp site led uphill. Before we could figured out where the path led to, we were up 40 meters and over the edge of the waterfall

This is the view from the top looking down


The place was simply superb. The river made a "s" turn among the reasonably flat rock surface . The area could easily accommodate 3/4 small group of picnickers as that day showed.

A very refreshing atmosphere, rewarding scene and most of all, time with real nature


The butterfly unfamiliar with humans had not fear of the presence and interruptions of their search for salts and minerals.

The hike in took us just over an hour . For a 2 hours both ways hike, good exercise refreshing moods and ideal settings. What else can one ask for within driving distance from our domicile.