Waterfalls  for the adventurous

This Waterfall called Batu Hampar of Gurun

There are several waterfall that sounded like this name, particularly around the Gunong Jelai vicinity!

This one is very easy to find! Moving northwards, just pass the Gurun town center, that also happens to be the traffic light junction, then 1 kilometer up!

On the first turning left, a well paved road leads to some factory! About 200 meters inside, a huge signboard should show you that this is Batu Hampar Recreation area!

The picnic area is at a fringe of a forested area and a rubber estate. There was a car park and a swift flowing stream! Is that all? Good for a family passing through and seeking a rest!

Not known to many outsider, another path from a place just before town leads to the upstream. From this path, a track takes hikers up the hill to the base of this waterfall.

Not many people go that way anymore, if you are interested, you may need to cut your way through at some part!. There was a small pool after the base.