An impressive vertical drop - Lata Cemerung

Much publicity has been given to this waterfall. Lata Cemerung is easy to find if you are guided properly. We were told it is 112 kilometers from Dungun. That is where the confusion started. It has nothing to do with Dungun but direction wise, it is at a turn off at the Jerangau Land scheme, along the inner Kuantan- Jerangau Highway, or on the way to Kuala Behrang. Coming from the south, it is the first left turn after crossing the Paka River. There are signage's to promote a "Home stay" programme at Kampong Pasir Raja.

Follow this Home stay scheme area, the waterfall is purportedly 7 kilometers away. From the junction on Federal Route 14, the road in, straight, well paved but deserted is 27 kilometers to a X cross road at Kampong Jengok Batu. Continuously, signage along a dedicated road will re-affirm that you are on track to this recreation Park.

A few kilometers along the access road -this faint image of the waterfall can be seen above the young palm oil trees.

We have estimated that this visible part of the waterfall drops for 780 feet.

The road ended with a huge rectangular car park and this signage!

The trek here also leads to the summit of Gunong Berebum given as 3,409 feet.

A beautiful track -laden with ready made slabs leads to the base of this tall waterfall. Running along a low ridge and a 10 minutes walk. From there this series of steps helped visitors to descend into a broad ravine where the river flows.

For those wishing to continue to the actual base where the vertical drop ends, this is a narrow but clearly visible trail away from paved track!

The river after experiencing the tall drop is broken up into cascade before finally moving along the jungle floor.

At the point, the base of the final cascade is a fair size pool with very clear water.

This is another hazardous terrain with many deaths reported, due to slippage over the slippery rock but eager beaver!