Waterfalls  for the adventurous

Lata Yuk

This waterfall is in the vicinity of Lata Kinjang. In fact water for the river comes from the same water basin at the top of the ridge. The river at Lata Yuk flows southeastwards into another valley while that of Lata Kinjang flows west.

The recreation area at Lata Kinjang is fully developed and maintained by the Forestry department. On weekends huge crowd fills the picnic area judging from the looks of the overflowing car park.

To reach Lata Yuk, choose the stream that flows out from your right as you approach the Lata Kinjang Falls.

There are numerous circular tracks as this crude sketch shows. 

This is a trekking map for "adventurer" who wish to go round the hills.

To the officials, Lata Kinjang is the best looking Fall, when you have seen this one, don’t waste time seeking other falls within the region.

There are two ways to reach Lata Yuk and in the last visit in March, the upper route from the Sketch map location is blocked.

Then follow the lower path besides the stream. This track requires only one river crossing. 

If you are wearing shoes, make you choice at the crossing whether you want to wet them. 

The track will pass through several campsites too.

A 300 meters walk and there is Lata Yuk. A long cascade with a drop of 30 meters

This "fall" as seen from the base is among a series of 4 tall cascades. 

The remaining 3 others can only be seen when you are on top.

To reach the cascades on top follow the track on your left and move up a steep slope. Very soon this track will meet up with another one coming from Lata Kinjang,

As mentioned earlier, the trail to the top cascades has been blocked at this junction and by now over grown with weeds and bushes.

Get a guide from the "Orang Asli" village at the picnic area to take you to the top.

Some of the views are as follows.

This is the top fall, a vertical drop of 5 meters into a beautiful pool.
The 2nd fall is a 5 meters tall cascade that goes into a large pool. 

The pool looks extremely tempting, clear water, deep and with a shallow mouth. 

However, current at the shallow outlet is strong and from there is a long slide down.

This is followed immediately by 2 more long cascades totaling 30 meters tall before taking another turn to the top of the final drop of 50 meters.

If you see carefully, you can see Khoo at the top of the cascades. He serves as a yardstick to gauge the height of these 2 drops.