Waterfalls  for the adventurous

Little known Tall Waterfalls - Sungei Chelik

On quite a few occasions, this waterfall had been featured in the press. That prompted us to seek it. Although it is so dramatic, it is still not well known, perhaps due its remoteness and poor accessibility. Don't be surprised if the locals had no impression of the place!. The approach to this waterfall is from the Simpang Pulai junction, coming from the south or toll house, turn right into the limestone quarries area.. On the map below, this road is not indicated.

Keep a sharp look out for heavy trucks as heavy road construction is going on to built the 2nd East-West Highway to Gua Musang and Kenyir in Trengganu. See our travel site
There is no signboard or milestone along this new highway to prompt you of the destination! 

Your only indication is seeing the Chelik River passing underneath the highway.

At this point, there is also a big bend on the Main Road. 

You will be shocked to learn that there is a inconspicuous turn off to the left and is awkwardly located right at the most precarious spot. 

This was a track used by trucks transporting logs. 


Yes, at that time, the track was busily used. Watch your steps or your vehicle if you are on this track! About a kilometer into the track and behold in the tall hill in front and above you- the waterfall!

This tall waterfall can be seen from the distance of about 3.5 kilometers away. 

The fall, a vertical drop is over 300 meters tall, making it the highest in the west coast. to be confirmed] 

The nearest competitor, Lata Kinjang may have this height. 

Lata Kinjang is tall cascade although only the view of a portion of it is seen from the road. Sungei Chelik does it in a single drop.

The surfaces of the cliff wall is not well smoothened. From the picture it can be seen that the falls was interrupted in several levels by jutted rocks that breaks the falling water into spray.

At the base of this first drop the river rolls down a series of steep cascades for the next drop of 25 meters.

There are paths for those energetic guys or gals to circumnavigate the waterfall. To hike up to the top using a trial beside the waterfall, then follow another route down hugging the ridge to the entrance of this track- a distance of 5 kilometers. We met the Ipoh group of H3 having a break at the base.