Waterfalls  for the adventurous

The Lon Rapids- Serene Jungle

Visiting Waterfalls is an interesting pastime. In fact we look forward to seeing those waterfalls that we have yet to visited, just like completing a collection. So contended to be there. Then there will come a day when you wish you could invent your very waterfalls. Sungei Lon is just one of those days!

The town of Sungkai is a small place with hardly enough shop house to complete one street. This is the town where the massive Sungkai River flows

From the map we picked this tributary at random and as luck was with us, a solitary road leads to the water catchment's area. 

Where there is a catchments, there will be crystal clear water and waterfalls. 

True enough, this is one long cascade dropping about 10 meters.

It was a beautiful waterfall. Frequent flash flood helped to shape the left bank very evenly and tidily for a large resting area under the shade.

We were more overwhelmed by the beauty of the surrounding forest rather than the waterfall.

The trees here [species not confirmed] have myriads aerial roots dangling over the stretch of river banks above the Waterfall area. 

The flow of the stream before the waterfalls was reduced to meandering speed within a fairly wide gorge.

 This was one day for the flora! Mushrooms, Ginger flowers and large varieties of wild flowers.

Who could resist the ambience and the lure of soaking in the stream? Not a good experience though! The water of a stream running in the shade was extremely cold.

We were quite contended with the spin off from these waterfall hunt- to learn how to enjoy nature!