Waterfalls  for the adventurous

Serendah town

Six kilometers north of Rawang is this ‘Cowboy’ town Serendah, where frequent travelers stop for their meals. There is no special attraction here except for the new golf course and the Rehabilitation Center.

A little distance from the northern edge is a right turn into the housing area of Taman Mawar. Follow this residential road and turn to your left where the surfaced road ends and a square signboard that reads 'Pusat Serenti Serendah'.

At this edge, a tall bund should be on your right and at the end of this 500 meters stretch , a Y junction.

At the Y – junction, the right heading towards a housing estate Desa Anggerik while the entrance to the road on the left is unmarked. In actual fact, this left road is the access road for the Rehabilitation Center. Take this road and drive through the first small village, the whole distance is about 2 kilometers. By the time you pass the center and leaving the village behind, the road is now replaced by a laterite track after the second village.

Proceed on the track and choose the left turn off to cross a narrow bridge made with iron plates.

The fall is beside this very forested mountain track 1 kilometer away from the bridge.

The road is passable to normal car, if you are not sure, then go on foot as I took my Beetle over a few mud holes

Beside the Chilling Fall, the Serendah Fall can be next in line, in terms of the volume of water passing by. It is not very tall, only 8.5 meters; the beauty lies in the vertical drop. Khoo claim that one can even walk behind the fall, it is yet to be tried!

The bottom of the fall is quickly filled with sediments, which makes this large pool unsuitable for swimming in its present state.

There are adequate shaded area and level ground for group activities. As a matter of fact, some years back, interested parties had erected a couple of chalets to promote the area as tourist destination