Waterfalls  for the adventurous

A small Waterfall in pristine Forest - Lata Tanjong Terkala

Gerik is a relatively large town in this very remote interior. The remoteness is also caused by its poor accessibility, used to be a 2 hours, 98 kilometers car journey for Kuala Kangsar. Now no more, part of the road outside town is straightened, the rest of the bends are also improved. The town is also easily reached from Batu Kurau or Baling from the north.

Just at the edge of town on the way to Kuala Kangsar, a huge signboard will alert visitors of a recreation area. A 5 kilometers long, narrow road meanders around villages and ends in an open car park. 

Then a nicely paved path leads through the pristine forest besides a river. Both the journey through the villages and this path by the river charmed us.

Imagine trekking into pristine forest on properly constructed pathways! Sure! there are jungle paths in all forest reserves and recreation parks! The ambience here is entirely different. Perhaps it is the dense lowland forest.

Finally, the target of the walk - our Waterfall! The walkways ends some distances from the waterfall. Then the trek continues into the river and by its banks. All the while the waterfalls is in sight.
This a 2 stages cascade dropping a total of about 100 meters. The rocky surfaces besides the waterfall was quite safe to hike up. If you see carefully, the tiny white dot at the upper off-center right is Joyce.

If you are there in Grik, this is a nice place to explore!