Waterfalls  for the adventurous

The Ijok 1 Cascades

The length of mountain range that runs parallel to the Perak River is not well publicized. So far there is only one notable fall i.e. the Kekabu. This particular river too, has another vertical waterfall further uphill away from the recreation Park. With the time on hand, you could also scout elsewhere for lesser known waterfalls, for example:- the Ijok.

This map is not being updated yet, by now a beautiful mountain road cuts across from Lenggong in Perak to Selama in Kedah. Another road turns south back into Perak State and Batu Kurau.

The cross mountain road will join up an existing road mark in the map here as Kampong Masjid. If you happen to drop by around April, the durian from the Upper Perak, further north of the town of Batu Kurau is unbeatable.

This road from Lenggong that leads through the "Pass" is so remote that motorist will get a chance to see this rare sign- a deer crossing.
After going through the highest point at the pass the road starts to descend revealing a panoramic valley ahead. Here the disappointment begins. From the lush pristine forested terrain on the Perak side, at that time we were there, the scene changed to that of massive deforestation.

Even in this remote corner, one is made to feel that urbanized area is nearby. The main road is beautiful, passes through durian orchards and some rubber trees.

At a short distance from the "pass" the Ijok 1 as we called it cuts across the road.

For a remote area, this waterfall is extremely popular with the locals. On both occasions, we were there, the rest areas were filled with young thrill seekers. At the end of the long cascades, the river collects the water into a deep pool just below the main road. Then among the boulders towering this pool, one of them has vertical side. The locals boys used this edge of 6 meters as a diving point.

This is a long cascades with 3 stages dropping about 100 meters within sight.