Waterfalls  for the adventurous

Our Most memorable waterfall - Kijang Jatoh

Hi! This is Khoo. I am also given the task to prepare this one as I appear the most.

From a junction to an old logging trail 5 kilometers from Kampong Kanaboi, we tooted in the off road trail. The car passed by timber camps or yards twice and sometimes the road moved up hill. When the ground clearance was poor, all of us had to get off the car. We also saw many logs all piled up at certain part of the track. At that time, large part of the track is still used by loggers. So it is winding, slippery and very bumpy especially at the slope where nature had carved its own waterways.

The fall is also accessible from Janda Baik where the 4X4 club claims this stretch to be their home run. From our information source, the whole route from Pahang to Negri Sembilan is 48 kilometers.

Our destination was Kampong Esok "Oh! The road is so bad that, if you go in to the Kampong, you will only manage to return esok!" That’s how the name originated according to the Orang Asli. To demonstrate how remote this place was, see newspapers cutting.

The group reached the "kampong" alright, not before adding "manpower" to our car to move up a very slippery slope.

That was 15/16th kilometers from the paved road and we parked our car at a place when the road got really nasty.

On foot, very quickly it was another 4 kilometers we had trekked, most of the time the track moving up steep slopes. The track was always clear and wide but never level. When the track flattened, it meant that we were walking on a ridge. A short distance away, on our left was a track going down a gorge, can't see the opposite bank in the thick foliage.

It is straight-down type of track, all the way without leveling. The very steep terrain required us to cling on to trees for foothold. A good 40 minutes to get down a slope. It is a thick-forested area with plenty of mushrooms.

Only at the last 20 feet of descend and the clearing opened up to the tallest vertical fall I have ever seen.

To give an impression of the 250-meter drop, you must look hard for a very faint red spot.

 That’s me - the zone enlarged for easier identification of the red shirt.

The spot where the track led us down was a good 300 meters away from the fall proper. Such vantage point grants visitors with a panoramic view of the whole fall from a distance.

The fall comes down on rocky base and there is no pool at the base. Just before the fall the base, a boulder breaks the full impact.

I had a chance together with Vincent to wet ourselves within the area of the spray.