Waterfalls  for the adventurous

Waterfall for the Orang Asli in Gapoi

The eastern slope of the Main Range, the portion as it passes Central Peninsula is particularly wet. Perhaps at this part of the journey, the Range here is "narrower". Moisture from the west gets carried across and downloaded, once it cools at the higher altitude, onto the Eastern Slope.

Gapoi is the 3rd of the large waterfalls along this 20 kilometers stretch of road, from Karak to Simpang Pertang

The hills around this part is very well forested and cats as a large collection basin. With gradual release water level seen at this river is fairly constant.

But- the exceptionally heavy rain recently started more flash floods. Common with this tributary, perhaps the over clearing of the forest is another new major factor!

The Waterfall is located in the hills after a small village of Gapoi. That is how we have named this waterfalls as well!

How to get to the waterfall? Start with the junction after Karak town. About 28 kilometers after the Karak/ Simpang Pertang Junction, there is Gapoi. Just after town, still going south wards, there is a water filtration plant and also a right turn into a "Orang Asli" settlement.

Take this track and pass the "Orang Asli" settlement. Some 2 kilometers in, this is what is left of a broad timber lorry track!

There is ample parking space here. And no more heavy tractor using the road. The locals are usually there in doves. Go down to the river and wade through the river, about 15 meters wide. At parts - just 0.75 meters deep.

At this juncture, the river is still going through cascading stage. Then the large cascades are further down stream. Once across the river, is an area of abandoned rubber estates.

With a short 100 meters walk, the estate scene gave way to primary jungle. Very clear and well trodden pathways will lead you through the undergrowth, by then also away from the river bank. The bushes here are thick. While the track is hardly 10 meters from the river, the place is a compete silence!

This is another very short walk of only 50 meters, that when the sound of the roar starts. From its deafening intensity, one can only assume that it is a mighty waterfall ahead.

Yes it is! This waterfall is about 12 meters tall, falling into an enclosed space bordered by 2 granite walls.

The current near the center pool is so powerful, that it is near impossible to get close.

This picture was deliberately taken during a dry season. With the help of my "Asli" friend, we waded by the side to get close to the waterfalls. By the way, he was there doing some underwater spear fishing! Didn't get to see the large fishes he harvested!