Waterfalls  for the adventurous

The vegetable gardens at Bukit Tinggi

The major towns in the Peninsular usually get their supply of fresh vegetables from farms in Cameron Highlands. Today, the markets in Selangor obtain certain types of beans from the farms at Bukit Tinggi situated at the State Boundary very near the Genting Pass.

This hilly location was once covered with pristine trees of various varieties. 

Today you get to see the whole hillsides dotted with cultivated patches.

Curious to see how these patches look like, we took a hike to "check it out".These terraces are popularly planted with beans, long beans and 4 angles beans. Beside these filling the hill slopes there are those in the ravines. These are terraced plots hidden from view besides the river, what’s this? - Water Crest

Shallow ponds are prepared with a constant fresh water source. This vegetable thrive on a film of water about 10cm deep. 

The young shots are harvested and continuously providing the farmers with produce for the market.

Further down in the plain, you still get to see an occasional patch of ginger being planted. Ginger plants with its slow growth and low maintenance is seldom seen in valuable farmland such as the one shown below. They are the plants chosen for freshly opened forestland.

A rare sight for a matured farmland. It had be rumored that Ginger farming is detrimental for the land. The slow growing plants depletes the nutrients in the soil for 5 years after the initial crop.

So this farmer must have found a compensating method to recycle this piece of land.

Visitors unfamiliar to this valley will be shocked to see that a network of roads, that has now changed the valley's outlook!

These tarred roads permeate the hill slopes, many of which are pristine forests.

With this network, you can be sure that more rectangular patches will be converted into farmlands. The hard working farmers had showed good results with existing land. To compound the problem of loosing forest land, more housing projects are visible and encroaching the cultivated patches.

Keep your eyes peeled on this valley of rolling hills every time you pass by the Genting Pass. The once scenic valley is now filled with settlement.

Now the Star - Every developer is eyeing this waterfall

Here is a surprise for the city folks. One of the roads leads the driver to the "door steps" of a 28 meters tall waterfall.

As there is no known reference, we named it after the river, Tanglir. This is a prefect picture type waterfall so near to urban area but well hidden in the ravine.

With the road system and the rapid development, this adventure fall will soon be an ornamental piece for someone's garden.

We hate helping the developers to promote this area, but for those who are keen to see what is left of nature, this could be the last call!

From the access road, which is on the same level as the top of the fall and barely 20 meters away, you can only hear the roar while the trees lining the ravine’s slope hide the fall.

To get to the fall, you need to climb down a 70-degrees slope with sparse vegetation.

The climb is neither easy nor treacherous for there are small tree trunks for you to hold on.

Just preceding this fall, there is another similar fall 15 meters high.

Above the falls, you will find a stream of crystal clear water strewn with small boulders.

The Tanglir waterfall is among the top five large waterfalls in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur.