Waterfalls for the adventurous

The waterfall in Trong

Some 18 kilometers south of Taiping towards the direction of Pantai Remis, the road passes through a town of Trong. This town is at the foothills of Gunong Bubu, an independent peak away from the Main Range. Here many river drains the slope of this lone mountain, amongst which, the Trong River. A short but powerful river that cut deep into the soft mountain side.

A 12 kilometers road from the Trong Town center traces the river into the hills. Passing some of the most beautiful rainforest, we took many pictures on slides that left us empty without illustration for this site.

At the end of the winding road that passes settlements, orchards and jungle, the road ends in a small car park. At this point, there is trail that goes upstream beside the high bank of the river.

On the right, a stairway to lead visitors down the bank of this steep gorge. The guide rails for the stairway is really needed to provide support for the users.

It is really a steep climb

At the base, visitor will be greeted by one of the biggest pool. Measuring 80 meters in diameter, the water appeared tea colored. At the opposite end from our entrance to the pool, the powerful waterfall kept the pool filled!

This waterfall is about 28 meters high. Water flowing down is guided and confined to a narrow channel inside the rock surface that it had carved.
Water from this large pool then overflow down a steep but short cascade 4 meters with several steps. From there the river moves downstream in a long series of rapids within a steep walled gorge.
One more photograph of the same cascade taken during another trip. That time less water was seen spilling over the smoothen edge.

This is a very secluded place and good for camping over the weekends. But there is no place down in the ravine. The smooth rocky surfaces though tempting is definitely not a place to spend the night

For nature lovers there are lots and lots of flora along the trail. Just walk along the approach road, so are the presence of countless leeches.