Belukar Bukit

State Terengganu
Location20 km south of Kuala Berang
Coordinates and map N04 53.43' E102 59.47'
Water SourceRiver
Waterfall ProfileRapids
AccessibilityRecreational Park

On the website of Terengganu Tourism Belakar Bukit is announced as a Waterfall and Nature Park. This is too much honour for the place. There is no waterfall, only some rapids.
But the place is suitable for swimming and a picnic

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The park is clearly signposted. It says, welcome to the Picnic Area of Belakar Bukit

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The park is reasonably well kept, with shelters

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The river has quite a lot of water, but the rapids are not very impressive.

A safe place for a relaxing bath

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After the rapids the river has a beautiful large pool, very suitable for families with children

For some impressive waterfalls, you better go to the nearby Sekayu Waterfalls

Check if you need a permit before planning a waterfall trip. More information here

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

Fendi 02-01-2007
I Love it more than Sekayu. Juga dikenali sebagai Lubuk Gala dikalangan penduduk tempatan.
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