Batu Berangkai Fall

State Perak
LocationNear Kampar
Coordinates and map N04 18.47' E101 10.12'
Water SourceSmall River
Waterfall ProfileCascades & Fall
AccessibilityFrom Carpark

Waterfall near Kampar

It does not happen often that you can walk from the town center to a waterfall, but in Kampar it is possible. A 45 minute walk from the Yau Kee restaurant in Kampar (famous for its Roti Ayam) will bring you there. If you come by car from KL, you turn right to Kg Batu Berangkai, just before the Bomba. From this junction it is less than 2 km to the fall. You will pass an Orang Asli village on your way.

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This road leads to Kg Batu Berangkai and the fall

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Orang Asli house

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Some shelters have been built along the stream

The Batu Berangkai Fall is not spectacular, but it has a nice pool with very clear water. You can continue your walk upstream for a few more cascades.

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The main waterfall

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The fall has a nice, large pool

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One of the upstream cascades

Archived page available

Check if you need a permit before planning a waterfall trip. More information here

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

ckchoo 28-08-2009
Been there today. Nice experience, water was cold. Yeah you can drink it so no chorine safe to drink. The first park (lower) pool water seems deep certain area above 5 feet. So I went up to the falls, there I noticed there are more people. Water current not strong kids will have more fun here. Looks like a popular join among UTAR students. Spoke with locals, they are beautifying the pavement with cement and collecting 40 cents every month. The road leading to the falls were in bad shape better walk. Tar road only the front part of the village because the state gov. not doing anything to preserve the area.
elliazhar 28-07-2008
I have been to this place early this year with absolutely no knowledge of the place beforehand. The road to the stream was not easy to find, due to the road works. When we finally got there, it was a very rewarding experience. The water was crystal clear and refreshing.
yip wan yee 10-10-2006
I'm from kampar and I frequent Batu berangkai almost weekly during my teenage years. Whenever my hair feels dry, I'd go for a dip and my hair remains soft for days.. It's not only me saying this, my friend feels the same too... But I feel the old archive pics does more justice to this waterfall, the new pic makes it seem like nothing much.
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