Bukit Tampin Falls

State Negeri Sembilan
LocationKg. Kolam Air, Tmn Bukit Tampin
Coordinates and map 2.48727, 102.22151
Water SourceSg. ???, Natural Stream
Waterfall ProfileBoulder Cascade
AccessibilityTrekking, <30 mins

Bukit Tampin Falls is a series of rocky cascade falls with the main fall at the lower level. Upper levels are some small to mid sized cascades that ends at the old water catchment dam. Water quality is decent but there are some visible signs of human trash washed down from upriver along the stream.

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Bukit Tampin Fall

Head to Tampin town as the landmark. At the end of Jalan Ametis Utama there is a right junction going uphill to Gunung Tampin.(Image 1) There is an open space clearing on the right for visitors to park.

Follow the tar road trail for about 600meters and near the rest hut on the left there is a hill trail used in the past for construction of transmission towers. A few hundred meters in and the trail will reach a river crossing. Scramble upriver and the fall will be in sight.

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Image 1

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Hill Trail

There are some smaller cascades upriver but no trail. It is mostly river trekking and the forest vegetation can be quite wild. Close to the end near the old water catchment dam there is a section of steep soil erosion as well. Photos below.

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Tampin Cascade 1

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Tampin Cascade 2

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Old Catchment Dam

Exploration Notes : Nothing interesting found upriver. Rocky boulders & underground river beyond old catchment dam.

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
Thank you~

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Bukit Tampin Falls : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety