Lata Mengkuang

State Kedah
LocationBetween Sik and Baling
Coordinates and map N05 51.99' E100 50.21'
Water SourceSmall river
Waterfall ProfileCascade & Vertical Fall
AccessibilityFrom carpark

Lata Mengkuang is located about 12 km from Sik off the road from Sik to Baling. From the road you can see the recreation area, which only attracts visitors during weekends. To reach the waterfall, take the tar road to the left just before you reach the Recreation area. After less than 1 km there is a gate where you can park your car. From there walk along the road for a few hundred meters to the fall.

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The recreation area along Sg Chepir is well maintained, but a bit desolate

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During weekends it will be more busy.

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At the end of the road it is not far to the main cascades of Mengkuang

We liked the quiet atmosphereof Lata Mengkuang. During our visit there was not a lot of water, as it was the dry season. The waterflow will be much stronger during the monsoon.

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An advantage of the dry season: you can easily climb the rocks.

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There are several places where you can take a nice shower

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After the cascades there is one almost vertical fall with a nice pool.

When you are travelling in this remote part of Kedah and have time to spare, a visit to this waterfall is highly recommended.

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Lata Mengkuang : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

wankedah 12-10-2009
this is a great waterfall.. just before reaching the entrance, turn left and go straight up. there is a big parking space. free of charge. you can also stay at SERENDAH SI KEBUN BUNGA resort which is only about 5-8 minutes before the waterfall... now the road to sik has been upgraded. so its about 45 minutes drive from Gurun tol plaza (highway utara selatan)... drive to pekan sik from gurun, when you reach pekan sik, turn right at the traffic light. go straight and in about 15 minutes you will reach the falls... .. im in KL but my home town is SIK, so i grew up going to this waterfall by bicycle as a child..