Lata Yuk

State Perak
LocationNear the Kinjang falls
Coordinates and map N04 18.00' E101 15.58'
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileCascades, Vertical Falls
AccessibilityTrekking from carpark

Most people know about Lata Kinjang, the waterfall that can be seen from the North-South Highway. That this waterfall has a small brother is not well known. The Lata Yuk falls are located less than 500 meters from Lata Kinjang. Just before reaching the Kinjang hawker stalls, a small road to the right leads to an Orang Asli kampung.

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Friendly kids in the Orang Asli kampung

At the end of this kampung, take one of the trails that follow the river. Orientation is not easy in these abandoned rubber plantations, try to keep close to the stream.

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Some trees are still being tapped

About 500 meter after the Orang Asli village, you should reach the lower Yuk fall. This is more like a cascade. Unspoilt and no rubbish yet. Keep it that way!

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The lower Yuk cascade

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A vague trail to the right site brings you to the upper fall.

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This is a real fall with a nice swimmingpool

When we visited this fall, it was already late in the afternoon, so we had not much time to explore. There should be more cascades and falls in the upper region.

Update October 2008

This time we wanted to explore the upper reaches of Lata Yuk. It had been raining a lot and the waterfalls were powerful. We started from the Orang Asli village and soon reached the lower fall. Kids were having fun in the water.

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The trails superimposed on GE

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Large flow of water after heavy rain

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Fun for the kids

We could not find a trail along the river, so we followed first the trail to Kinjang, and then found a trail that after a while joined the Yuk river again. It ended at a few waterfalls and finally at a dam, there must have been a water reservoir in the past. On our way back, we scrambled down a steep slope and found the main cascade, a smaller version of the big Kinjang one.
This time we missed the fall just above the lower fall (with the big pool), so we must come again.

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Upper Yuk falls

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The dam is visible at the top of the picture

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Part of the middle cascade

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Lata Yuk : No information available

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Visitor Comments

SHui 28-06-2015
May2014, instead of coming from lata kinjang which now the trail is/might overgrown. You may go to lata yuk via kampung orang asli ladang 100. After crossing the bridge over NSE highway, immediately go straight on the small tar road instead of turning left to lata kinjang.. Follow this small tar road and turn left at the fork will leads you to kg ladang 100. From the village, ask for permission to park ur car and ask for direction to the trailhead (just behind some hut) that will leads u down to the waterfall in 5 min.
Tham Chwen Fhong 08-11-2005
Was a nice place with aboriginals. They went skinny dipping. Left some unwanted present for us (SHIT). But overall is a nice place. Anyone got a more details map of the area. Going to hike the area again.