Chelik Fall

State Perak
LocationOff the Simpang Pulai to Kg Raja road
Coordinates and map N04 34.97' E101 16.61'
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileTall Vertical Fall

A few years ago a new road has been opened to the Cameron Highlands. It starts at Simpang Pulai, south of Ipoh and enters the Cameron Highlands at Kg Raja. From this road one of the tallest falls of Peninsular Malaysia can be easily reached. This fall, Chelik, is still almost completely unknown.
About 17 km after passing the N-S highway, there is a very sharp bend in the road. In this bend a small road goes down into the valley to a few Orang Asli houses. Take this exit (be careful!) and park your car near the houses.

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When you ask for the waterfall here, they will show you the trail.

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Of course the kids are curious

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After a 45 minute trek: the waterfall

The trail is slightly overgrown, a parang might come in handy. But the trail is clear and not steep. Just when you wonder where the waterfall could be, after a bend in the trail, you can spot it through the trees to your left. It becomes only visible at the last moment, so it is not easy to estimate how tall it is. But that it is tall, is very clear, it is not easy to take a picture of the complete fall.

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Only with a human figure in the picture the proportions become clear.

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The upper part of the fall

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The lower part

There is no place to camp near the fall, and also there is not really a pool for swimming. We had no time to check if it was possible to climb up to the top of the fall. If possible at all, it will not be easy.

Archived page avalaible

Check if you need a permit before planning a waterfall trip. More information here

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

AlexB 11-04-2016
Tried to get there this weekend by the way to Cameron. Found the sharp bend, exited to the small side road (it is only one such exit nearby). Couldn't find the Orang Asli houses ! :-( As per map, it is close to the main road, but there is nothing. So drove up for some time by the path going along the river (4WD !) looking for the "village" with no luck. There is a quite distinct path (although sometimes overgrown, had to use parang couple of times), I believe it leads to the falls eventually. We were not quite ready this time to complete, so going to try next time soon.
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