Sg. Lalang Fall

State Perak
LocationBeside the road from Simpang Pulai to Kg Raja
Coordinates and map N 04 34.171' E 101 14.286'
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileNear Vertical Fall
AccessibilityShort walk from the road

The new road from Simpang Pulai to the Cameron Highlands follows more or less the valley of the Sg. Raya river. Just before it crosses this river for the first time, about 15 km from Simpang Pulai, there is a small trail to the right. Here you can park your car. The trail is clear, but a bit muddy, you can also follow the river bank. After a few hundred meters, you will see a small waterfall to your right.

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The trail follows the Sg Raja

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You can also use the riverbed itself.

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A tributary joins the river with a small waterfall

From where the tributary joins the Sg. Raya river, it is only a short walk up to the main waterfall. It is not a powerful one, and there is no pool, just several 'bathtubs'. But the fall is unspoilt and attractive. You are so close to the main road, that you can see cars passing through the foliage.

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The main fall

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No swimming, but sunbathing is possible...

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Notice the lorry. You are still close to 'civilisation'

P.S. There is a prior identification error to the river name that the falls was named after. Sg Sinju is located further west.

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Sg. Lalang Fall : No permit needed

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