Lata Berumbun

State Pahang
LocationNear Kg Klau on the slopes of Gn Benom
Coordinates and map N03 46.64' E102 03.58'
Water SourceRiver
Waterfall ProfileNear vertical Falls

This powerfull fall is located in the isolated region of Gunung Benom, about 13 km from Kg Sg Klau. The easiest way to reach this small kampung is via Raub. A few km north of Raub, on the road to Kuala Lipis, you will find signage to Kg Klau. For an alternative, shorter route, you can also turn right about 7 km north of Bentong.
In Kg Sg Klau you will find sign boards to the fall. This road is not very well marked, you may have to ask for directions.

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Sign board to the fall in Kg Sg Klau

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The road leads trough cocoa plantations.

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The end of the road

From the place where you park the car, it is only a short walk to the falls.

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The stream after the falls

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The main waterfall

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Not a vertical fall, but quite powerful

It is possible to climb up the slope at the right side of the main fall. You will pass another fall in a steep ravine. Then there is the last waterfall.

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This waterfall is deep in a ravine

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The upper fall has a nice big pool.

Warning: the road conditions can be quite unpredictable!

Archived Page Available

Check if you need a permit before planning a waterfall trip. More information here

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

Kavin 01-03-2010
Just visited this awesome creation of god last Friday. Camped for a night with 4 other friends and the guide. It was a rough journey on the 4wd but its extremely worth it. We drove to Kg Klau from KL and it takes only 1 hour 30 mins using the Felda road after Bentong. One nice and friendly elderly man drove us to the jungle which took another 45 mins. We reached the camping spot around 1pm. Setup the camp with excitement to explore the jungle. The first waterfall area was just 5 - 8 mins walk from the camp site. We used life jacket provided by the guide coz the pool is deep. The water was very cold and clean. Very nice place to relax and chill. The next morning the guide brought us to the 2nd level waterfall which took us around 30 mins trekking. Very adventurous moment. We slide from the 2nd waterfall and it was total fun. Of course still need life jacket unless you have very good stamina to float and fight the strong current. If anyone interested can contact me at 013-3995161 for further info. I can advise you the best way and package to go there.
Dennis Madden 24-10-2009
Visited the falls today. Really spectacular falls and generally clean of litter. The access road has deteriorated badly through the use by hi-rise-big-tyred 4WDs and is no longer suitable for normal 4WDs. We had to abandon ours and walk the last 3 km. The artistic sign in the main street of Kg Klau has disappeared but the turn off is well signposted. The shed at the end of the road has disappeared too
Zen 31-01-2008
Visited Berumbun fall 6 times in the year of 2007, I regard it as one of the hidden jewel of Malaysia. The fall retains its beauty due to the terrain, only accessible by 4X4 not many are willing to charter a truck up. The journey up to the fall is stunning! Surrounded by orchards & natural floras you are exposed to the cleanest of air. The view @ the mid of the hill is to die for! You will feel the chill & thrill, one wrong turn you & your truck will be @ the foot of the hill. So If you are thinking of driving your own 4X4 please be very careful as there is only 1 road for 2 way & lots of blind stops & sharp curves. Blow your honk as you go to notify in coming trucks. The journey up takes about 1 hour, from there you need to do a “Grandma” hike for about 10 minutes where you can hear the fall but can’t see it.. Unexpectedly it will just appear! The rest is up to your imagination.
Patrick 03-05-2007
Berembun Falls - visited in April 2007. Access road for last 3-5km for serious 4WD + winch only! Falls beautiful but no longer pristine - immediate vicinity polluted by un-necessary huts, toilets and some garbage etc. Several tree falls in immediate vicinity of falls make access to higher falls more difficult.
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