Maxwell Hill Fall

State Perak
LocationNear Taiping
Coordinates and map N04° 52.04' E100° 45.83'
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileNear Vertical Fall
AccessibilityTrekking from carpark

Taiping, famous for its Lake Garden and Maxwell Hill, also has a waterfall. When you are coming in to town from Simpang and look towards the hills, this waterfall is very conspicuous.
Follow the road to the Water Treatment plant, and park your car near an Indian temple. From here a trail leads up to the remnants of a swimming pool. Years ago, the New Club had constructed 2 medium size pools utilizing the natural mountain water, but this has fallen into disrepair.

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View of the Fall from the Water Treatment Plant

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It looks like a powerful cascade

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With maximum zoom in of the camera

It is not very clear how to proceed from here to the waterfall itself, if possible at all. So this waterfall is still waiting to be fully explored!

UPDATE January 2007 Found the access way!

Finally a Taiping friend showed us the way and it turned out te be very easy. Just before the gate to the Water Treatment Plant, a vague trail follows the fence. After a few hundred meters it becomes a small road (former access road to the fall?). This road leads in a few minutes to the fall.

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The entrance of the Water Treatment Plant. The trail starts to the right.

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Just follow the fence

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The water of the fall is collected in a basin, from where pipes lead to the plant. A sign warns that visitors should not bathe or swim here, because it is part of the Taiping water supply.

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The waterfall

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The top part of the fall

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The basin where the water is collected

It might be possible to climb up the (steep) slope to the left of the fall. Caution is needed, the rocks are slippery.

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Maxwell Hill : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

SHui 30-11-2015
Update: Nov 2015. You no longer able to start at the gate of the water treatment plant because a guard house was erected further down the road. To get to both the Maxwell and Kamunting (Aka Ranting waterfall) waterfalls, you may now find a trail on the right side of the road 20 meters after crossing the metal bridge near the Hindu temple. The trail go steeply uphill but there are ropes to help you. The trail will leads to a T-junction. Right will brings you to Maxwell waterfall and left will bring you back to the water treatment plant fence. And from there on, you may now follow the fence to reach the nice trail that continues following the water pipe to Kamunting waterfall.
extreme power badminton 26-06-2009
Great stuff. Ive been wondering how to go to this place too. Will try to go there on next trip. Great waterfall information. Well done mate! I love taiping. How about trying a place called Batu 2 near tupai? Not sure if it is still there.