Trong Falls / Pecah Batu

State Perak
LocationJln Pecah Batu Trong, Terong
Coordinates and map 4.69280, 100.75588 (Lower Fall)
Water SourceSg. Trong, Natural River
Waterfall ProfileMulti-Level Falls, with Pool
AccessibilityLower Fall (Stairs Trail, ~10mins); Upper Fall (Hiking, ~2 hrs)

Trong Falls consist of 2 main waterfalls with several secondary falls in-between and a tributary fall around midway of the trail. The lower fall used to be a water catchment dam utilizing the natural barrier of the block type cascade. It is a very attractive waterfall, almost vertical, and with a huge pool, very suitable for swimming and bathing. The upper fall is a very tall 2 tier horsetail type waterfall with a semi-large pool. The lower fall is suitable for beginners thou extra care is needed at the steep stairs. The upper fall on the other hand is NOT suitable for beginners and requires forestry permit to visit.

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Lower Trong Fall

The small village of Trong is located about 16 km south of Taiping on the road to Beruas. From there a small road leads in 6km to the waterfall.(Image 1) The condition of this road is reasonable early on but deeper in it gets quite narrow and rutted with some sections steep and only passable by a single vehicle at a time. Majority of the visitors stops midway before a bridge where bathing & picnic activities is common. At the end of the access road there is a parking clearing that can accommodate about 10 vehicles at a time.

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Image 1.

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At this fork you must keep right

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In the last part, the road becomes worse, but remains passable.

The river flows in a deeply eroded ravine. You can hear the water but not see it. The jungle around is attractive and unspoilt. There is a series of stairs at the edge of the hill, visitors will have to climb down the steep stairs to reach the Lower Trong Fall.

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From the parking a flight of steps leads down to the waterfall

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The lower part of the steps requires much caution, as they are no longer level and much taller in height. The handrail is very helpful.

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The fall is so powerful that a perpetual mist is formed above the pool with a strong breeze.

To visit the Upper Trong Falls, visitors have to climb back up the stairs to the parking area. There is a clear trail on right going to the interior jungle. A guide is recommended to visit the Upper Trong Fall. The trail is initially clear but gets rather faint deeper in. Visitors may also get confused as there are several junctions that may be going to the mountain peak instead. The trail generally sticks close to the riverbank without needing to cross to the left of the main river. There are multiple smaller stream crossings along the way. An interesting waterfall is found on one of these larger tributary stream. There is no known stream name so it will be identified as Anak Trong Fall. At the end of the trail, visitors will be greeted by the very tall Upper Trong Fall. The Upper Trong Fall is taller and more imposing than the Lower one. The pool is deep and the water is clear. It is so tall, that from the ground level only a section of its upper tier is visible despite it having a significant height on its own.

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Anak Trong Fall (4.68448, 100.76705)

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Upper Trong Fall (4.68196, 100.77360)

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Top Tier Upper Trong Fall

There are some shorter height cascades falls on the main river that is worth visiting on the trip back. While not documented and generally lower in height, they are significant and considered as a part of Trong Falls. Visitors should take precaution while bathing at the waterfall to watch out for the change in weather. The surge and shear volume of water rushing down from the mountains is not to be taken lightly.

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Trong Falls : Permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

Raz 29-10-2011
There is a group of highly experienced jungle trekkers and survival experts that regularly bring trekkers to the surrounding jungles of this are as well as to the upper reaches of this waterfalls, conducting jungle survival courses over a few days. Try either of these websites or - always good to trek into the jungles with people with survival skills rather than the usual experienced trekkers whom have no survival skills. Just my 2 cents worth of advice from an military person.
amin 17-02-2011
on december 2009, i went to this waterfall. it was really beautiful yet a lil bit dangerous bcause there are pipes which i dont know was functioning or not. it is also dangerous for those who could not swim.the road was also challenging and you got to be patient to reach there. feel free to hv a look at the pictures that was snap on that day.
Dick 28-09-2010
18 Sep 2010 Great place, beautiful jungle whose attractions include a palm with huge leafs over 1 meter long and large trees. Paths are not marked or easy to find. But it’s primary jungle and easy to walk under the canopy, except near the stream. We never found the upper falls described here because we made the mistake of crossing the river. Jan later told me the path briefly disappears there, but if you keep the river on your left you can find a watercourse which leads into the path. We hiked in the jungle for 2 hours and assumed we had past the upper falls so we turned back, but our guess was wrong. River trekking here too hard since there are drops, rapids, and big boulders to negotiate. We argued whether Trong, sometimes spelled Terong, was derived from terung, which means eggplant. The statue of purple eggplant in front of the police station indicates it might.