Gepai Falls

State Perak
LocationNear Bidor
Coordinates and map N04° 07.19' E 101° 19.87'
Water SourceStream
Waterfall ProfileVertical
AccessibilityCarpark near Fall

Small attractive waterfall near Bidor

To reach the Gepai Waterfall, you take the Bidor exit of the North-South Expressway.
Just before reaching Bidor, turn right into a small road, Jalan Paku. This road passes farmland and a Chinese cemetery, crosses under the Expressway and ends after about 6 km at a the waterfall.
You can park your car here.

A pleasant spot for an afternoon bath

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The waterfall is not signposted but well known with the locals, so it can be crowded in weekends.
From the carpark you can cross the stream on a small bridge. This bridge is a favourite spot to dive down in the cool, clear water below.

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A pool with deep, clear and cool water

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The water is crystal clear and cool. Although the stream is a small one, the waterfall looks powerful because the water is foced through a narrow opening in the rocks.

Some daredevils even jump from the rocks in the deep pool

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Climbing up

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At the right side of the fall you can climb up the rocks. Be careful after rain, the rocks can be slippery.
From the top of the fall you have a nice view of the crowd below.
The water really has to force it way down between te huge boulders!

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There is another smaller waterfall, which is much less crowded and forms a perfect location for relaxing. From here you can follow the river upstream through unspoilt forest.
Your effort may even be rewarded with a few more small waterfalls.

The Gepai Waterfall may not be spectacular or impressive, the location and the quality of the water make it a rewarding target for a Sunday afternoon.

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Gepai Falls : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety

Visitor Comments

tanteckghee 25-07-2010
if go up further from the right say 5 minutes after the last fall picture with two boy you see another bigger fall . i and wife stop here did not go further . 11.30am 25-7-2010. we come down bath at the lower shallow water. safe and nice .
ykin 06-07-2009
Beware of the falls,at time 1830(quite dark there)my fren swim at 1st pool toward the falls, suddenly he was unable to swim out as falls creating a whirlpool which hold him near the falls, luckly we have some long towel which later pull him up shore. After leaving the falls, he in confuse & scare mood told us something is pulling him.When he kicks in water, he can feel something soft but solid around his legs.He show us two small bruises at his ankle, which maybe he get it from some where or is it really something inside the water?.Why there is a small temple before the falls, local hawker told us it is to hold something from following.He didnt explain much but we all understands.If you want to go next time, choose sunny day time, and leave before 1800.
TCB 03-05-2009
Nice waterfall as per your comments. The upper falls are very near so you dont really need to trek far. Pools are big enough. The deepest pool looks quite forbidding. Though I know how to swim, I didnt venture into it. Perhaps in my next visit, I will. Water is not crystal clear though. It is clear with a tinge of yellow either due to rain in the previous day or some activity upstream.
ykin 21-04-2008
We reach the g.falls on 19.4.08 early morning time nearly 0825,no one there,to my suprise,the place is quite clean,water still fresh and darn cold,i call it refreshing.For cars,pls be careful for when reaching the falls as part road potholes is covers with water and always check if the potholes is too deep,my friend get hit from bottom cars,fortunately didnt get stuck.
San-Ying 15-09-2005
I was seven years old when my father took me and my siblings to Bidor Waterfalls. My first sight of the clear waters rushing among rocks and pebbles in the sunshine can never be erased from my memory. I am seventy-five today and still remember Bidor Waterfalls like it was yesterday.