Satak Liang Falls

State Pahang
LocationAccess road off Jln Cheroh - Batu Malim, Semantan Ulu, Raub
Coordinates and map 3.88381, 101.77266
Water SourceSg. Satak Liang, Natural Stream
Waterfall ProfileNear Vertical, Multi-Tier Cascade Falls
Accessibility4WD (~1.5hrs) + Trekking (<2 hrs)

Satak Liang Fall is a very tall & powerful multi-cascade fall. Its peak is not visible at its base and the lush foliage obscures any possibility of viewing its totality from a distance, hiding its true scale. A very strong and cold windy blast of water dew sends shivers down the spine of any visitors brave enough to face it up close. Access is rather challenging due to its remoteness deep in behind valleys of oil palm & durian estates which requires 4x4 vehicles. This waterfall is NOT suitable for beginners due to the long and often confusing junctions within oil palm estates & vague wild trails.

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Satak Liang Fall (Base)

Head to Raub town as the main landmark. From Raub town proceed north towards Batu Malim town. Before reaching the Padang Golf Raub, there is a junction left (here) that is signposted with Naza Agro Plantation. Take this junction and proceed inwards for about 8km along a moderately bumpy gravel road. 4x4 vehicles are recommended as there are some sections with soft mud that sedan cars may get stuck. After passing an oil palm estate checkpoint post keep an eye out for a right junction to a concrete narrow bridge crossing the powerful Sg Liang river. Beyond the bridge, visitors will reach a large area of durian plantation that was mentioned prior.

The durian plantation is fenced up and there is no passage to cross thru it. Continue by 4x4 and take the junction on the right. Visitors will cross a small metal bridge. (Sg Satak Liang outflow) Stay on the main trail until a Y junction is visible.(here) Park here at any available clearings without obstructing passing vehicles. Proceed by foot from here by taking the left junction going up north.

Side Note : There is a possibility that there is an alternate access to this Y junction coming from an access junction at Sg Semantan Water Treatment Plant. (here) This access road will cross acres of oil palm plantation as well and would be the shorter route. (staying on the right of Sg Liang without bridge crossings) But it is unverified if it is indeed passable and not gated. (ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Hiking inwards, visitors will pass a gated pole which may only be occasionally open when estate workers pass. Hence do not proceed by vehicles beyond this point as there is a chance of it being closed (and padlocked) without any alternative exit. Near a few huts and houses, there will be a small stream crossing. Continue ahead where there will be a cross intersection. Going right (north) will lead to a durian farm, proceed straight (west, Image 1) instead crossing a bridge and heading up the hill. There used to be a logging trail here and rubber estate trees. But there are no longer taken care off and resam ferns have overtaken the trail. (Image 2) Visitors will have to bushwhack between or around it as it permits. Uphill beyond the resam ferns the old logging track will be clearer. Visitors will reach a Y junction,(Image 3) keep to the left going uphill. The right trail going down should be to a lower fall but it is unverified. Satak Liang Falls will be visible once visitors arrive at a rocky river section where the waterfall awaits at a short distance away after some river trekking.

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Image 2

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Misc. & Exploration Notes :
Hints of upper level is visible but no visible trail found.

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Satak Liang Fall Alternate View

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean. Thank you~

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Present situation for Satak Liang Falls : No information available

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