Petai Falls

State Perak
LocationJln Ipoh - Kampar, Kampar
Coordinates and map 4.33130, 101.16532 (Lower) - 4.32984, 101.16934 (Upper)
Water SourceSg. Petai, Natural Stream
Waterfall ProfileMulti-Level Cascade Falls w/Pools
AccessibilityTrekking, <1 hour; Upper >2.5hrs

Petai Falls consist of Lower & Upper level falls. The lower fall is a 2 tier cascade fall. The lower tier has a wide cascade drop with a crystal clear chest deep pool. The upper falls is much taller but less defined with boulders being more prominent. Petai falls is rather unusual as it is situated on a boulder landscape stream which typically has low chances of a waterfall formation.
While there is a reasonably well labelled trail to the Lower Petai Fall,(none for the upper!) this waterfall is NOT recommended for beginners and a guide is still highly recommended for visitors who intend to visit this waterfall.

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Lower Petai Fall 1

Head to SMK Kampar as the landmark. The starting point of the trail is easy to access directly from the Jln Ipoh - Kampar itself which shares the same entry trail with the historical Green Ridge Battle of Kampar Memorial. There is plenty of parking at the shop rows opposite Chee Ng Minerals.

Proceed by foot that will lead visitors skirting along the borders of the mineral processing plant up the hill. A small signage near a flight of stairs up the slope will lead visitors to the Battle of Kampar Memorial.(4.33215, 101.15610) This memorial is part of a local effort to recognize the significance of Green Ridge as one of the location of the Battle of Kampar (read more here) that occurred during the japanese invasion of Malaya during WWII. To proceed to the waterfall, head back down the stairs to the original trail. At the end of the trail, visitors will be at the backyard of the processing plant. Proceed towards the jungle where there will be a trail on the right. Visitors may spot that the trail is ribbon marked by earlier visitors. As visitors proceed inward, there is a very important junction not to be missed. A ribbon marker with a trail going to the left towards the river is the correct trail. DO NOT proceed straight ahead; that will lead to a jungle orchard where the trail disappears beyond a small stream with big boulders. It is very very difficult to cut across this boulders section to reach the waterfall.
After taking the crucial left junction, proceed to follow the ribbon markers that will cross some boulders and also what seems to be a man-made defensive position.(neatly stacked rocks) The trail has not much elevation climb but can be slightly technical. Ensure to stick to the ribbon trail as the jungle can be wild and very difficult to traverse otherwise. The waterfall will be in sight once visitors are close to the stream and an open clearing.

There is no trail to the Upper Petai Falls, visitors are NOT advised to attempt it. The hike is challenging with plenty of river trekking required. They are documented below.

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One of the taller cascades found upriver

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Upper Petai Fall 1

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Upper Petai Fall 2

Exploration Notes :
There could be more waterfalls above Upper Petai Falls but the stream gets more and more cluttered with bigger and bigger boulders along with non-existent jungle trail and a tough river trek.

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
Thank you~

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