Gumut+ Falls

State Selangor
LocationKg Gumut Tambahan
Coordinates and map 3.63914, 101.61132 (Left) / 3.63813, 101.61311 (Right)
Water SourceSg. Gumut, Natural Stream
Waterfall Profile2 Falls, Waterfall on each tributary
AccessibilityTrekking, >1.5hours

Gumut+ Falls consist of 2 waterfalls on the Sg. Gumut stream. There is 1 waterfall on the left tributary with a vertical drop and cave formation; while the other fall is on the right tributary. Unfortunately, none of the falls feature deep pools; there are only shallow ones to soak in. An interesting trivia is that there exist two Sg. Gumut streams in the same state of Selangor. To avoid confusion, the falls is named after the nearest village Kg Gumut Tambahan. "Tambahan" meaning extra or plus in Malay; hence the name Gumut+ Falls. There are no clear trails to the waterfall with a mix of river trekking, beginners are NOT encourage to attempt this without a guide.

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Gumut+ Fall (L)

Head to the town of Kalumpang as the landmark, at the south of the town look for Kg. Gumut Tambahan. (Image 1) The main road is initially tarred, but deeper in is a gravel road that is flat and passable by a sedan car. In the region are various agricultural industries, estates, & orchards. Close to a timber factory there is a forked junction, take the left most exit to proceed deeper in. At the end of the gravel road, visitors can park beneath the high tension tower.(Image 2) The parking area is rather small but can accommodate 3-4 vehicles. The trailhead starts from here.

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Image 1

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Image 2

The trail is a mix of riverside trails and river trekking. There is no clear trail to the waterfall, despite plenty of signs of human presence. Visitors are recommended to hire a guide and expect some bushwhacking. Cross the stream to use the obscure opposite trail that follows along the gentle sandy stream.(Image 3) At the second river crossing with plenty of water pipes laid along the stream, cross to the left of the river.(Image 4) There will be several small cascades before visitors reach the confluence where the tributary meets. Follow the left tributary to visit Gumut+ Fall (L) or the right tributary to visit Gumut+ Fall (R). Visitors will pass the sloped lower fall before reaching Gumut+ Fall (R). The waterfall at both tributaries is situated about 200 meters away from the confluence, hence visitors can double back to the confluence if they wish to visit the next one.

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Image 3

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Image 4

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Gumut+ Fall (R)

Exploration Notes : No further falls found upriver. Only some small cascades.

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
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