Dara Falls

State Negeri Sembilan
LocationSena Parc / Tmn Sena, Senawang
Coordinates and map 2.68054, 102.02249 - 2.68141, 102.02349
Water SourceSg. ???, Natural Stream
Waterfall ProfileMulti-Level Falls, with Pool
AccessibilityTrekking, <30 mins

Dara Falls is a lesser known waterfall that consist of 4 waterfalls within easy reach from a quiet residential garden. There is no official stream name, hence the name of the falls is adopted from previous visitors who visited the falls. The word "dara" means virgin in Malay language, but the reality is that this stream is far from being untouched and in its natural state. A single large diameter water pipe has been installed across every level of the waterfall which originates from a water catchment dam at Fall 4. Fall 1 has a wide waist deep pool with a sandy riverbed suitable even for younger visitors due to the gentle flow of the stream. There is also a small campsite by the riverbank. Suitable for beginners.

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Dara Fall 1

Head to Senawang town and proceed to Tmn Tunku Jaafar. Cross the bridge and take the exit to the Taman Sena / Sena Parc junction. (Image 1) Proceed along the quiet housing road till arriving close to the trail head.(Image 2) Opposite the houses there is a small empty clearing of land with plenty of parking spaces. Park without obstructing local residences access and passage.

The hike to the waterfall is an easy trail which should take no more than 20mins. Follow the clear trail into the oil palm estate. At the 1st junction take the right path. The left leads to Bkt Ayer Paroi hill. At the next junction where the high tension towers is visible, take the left junction. The sound of the stream is audible and a side trail will lead visitors to the Fall 1.

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Image 1.

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Image 2

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Fall 1 (Wide)

To reach the upper levels of the fall there is a trail on the left side of the river. The trail is not as clear as few visitors venture this path. It ends at Fall 4 where the water catchment dam has been built. Visitors should watch out for loose debris from the water catchment dam that may be stuck between rocks that pose a dangerous hazard.(Image 3) Irresponsible visitors have also left their food container waste that further tarnish the beauty of the falls. Shards of glass from broken bottles and plastic waste is present at Fall 1.

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Fall 2

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Fall 4

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Image 3

"Rubbish exist when there is an imbalance of those willing to take action."

If you plan to visit this waterfall, do bring a plastic bag along. In the event there is rubbish left by irresponsible individuals, you can contribute and do our part to keep nature's paradise clean.
Thank you~

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Nowadays you need a permit for many waterfalls. General information here
Present situation for Dara Falls : No permit needed

Waterfalls can be dangerous ! Always take care about your safety